Bizarre sight of 'lobster' walking down the street in Lewisham sparks internet hilarity

Sophie Williams
The crustacean was spotted walking down a street in Lewisham: Jonnydonmar

The bizarre sight of a "lobster" walking along a street in Lewisham has sparked hilarity on the internet.

Commuter Jonny Donmar spotted the crustacean on the pavement in the south-east London town as he made his way to work on Wednesday morning.

He posted the picture of it on Reddit with the caption: "I saw a live lobster walking down the street in Lewisham on my way into work day."

Mr Donmar told the Standard, he later realised it was a crayfish after looking it up on the internet.

Hundreds of people commented on the Reddit post with their best lobster puns and other hilarious responses.

One Reddit user wrote: "He probably thought it would be too hot on the tube this morning," to which another person responded: "That sh** cray."

While another Reddit user posted: "For the love of cod," to which another replied: "He's haddock."

Mark Vauxhall joked: "Signs of gentrification:

  • Hipster coffee shops serving 'smashed' avo on toast
  • Beardy craft beer taprooms with an impenetrable menu
  • Lobsters freely roaming the street."

While another user joked: "Must have gotten lost on the way to Charing Crusracean."

And one wrote: "Why are you so crabby?"

Another said: "I guess lobsters can’t use Oyster cards."