Black Bear Falls From Tree After Being Tranquilized

A bear fell from a tree onto a tarp after it was tranquilized in Lakewood, Washington, on Wednesday, May 15, footage posted to Facebook shows.

The Lakewood Police Department said that the black bear had been spotted “cruising the neighborhoods” in the area. They said that a local elementary school was put on lockdown while the bear roamed the area.

This footage by Amy Mayster shows the bear falling from the tree onto a tarp being held open by officers with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The bear is then seen being carried away in the tarp and placed in a cage to be transported away.

The City of Lakewood Municipal Government confirmed that the bear was captured by officers with the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The bear was assumed to have started wandering around Lakewood while it was looking for food after having been “kicked out” by its mother, the Lakewood Municipal Government said, citing wildlife officials. Credit: Amy Mayster via Storyful

Video transcript

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