Black Mirror season 6: Everything you need to know

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paapa essiedu, black mirror season 6
Black Mirror season 6: Everything you need to knowNetflix

Black Mirror season 6 has kept us waiting, but we now know it's finally on the way – and it's coming really soon.

Netflix revealed the first teaser for the new batch of episodes on April 26, 2023, confirming that we'd be able to see them in June. We don't know exactly what's going to happen, but we do know there's another all-star cast.

Charlie Brooker's sci-fi anthology series first burst onto our screens back in 2011 on Channel 4, where it stayed for two seasons and a Christmas special before being snapped up by Netflix and delivered to a global audience.

And now it's back for more, so while we wait for it, here's everything you need to know about Black Mirror season six.

paapa essiedu, black mirror season 6

Black Mirror season 6 release date: When will Black Mirror season 6 air?

After four years away from our screens, Netflix announced alongside that juicy teaser trailer that Black Mirror season six will arrive on the streaming service this June.

We don't know when specifically in June it'll arrive, but we know we don't have too long to wait.

Black Mirror season 6 cast: Who is in Black Mirror season 6?

The first teaser confirmed the star-studded cast that awaits us in Black Mirror season six, although we don't yet know which stars will be sharing the screens in which episodes.

The new footage offered a glimpse of this season's stacked cast, which includes the likes of Aaron Paul, Ben Barnes, Michael Cera, Salma Hayek, Paapa Essiedu, Kate Mara, Rory Culkin and Annie Murphy.

annie murphy, black mirror season 6

Anjana Vasan, Auden Thornton, Clara Rugaard, Daniel Portman, Danny Ramirez, Himesh Patel, John Hannah, Josh Hartnett, Monica Dolan, Myha'la Herrold, Rob Delaney, Samuel Blenkin and Zazie Beetz will also star.

Black Mirror season 6 trailer: Watch the Black Mirror season 6 trailer here!

It's here! Feast your eyes on the starry cast who will be part of the mind-bending or disturbing or (more likely) mind-bending and disturbing new season of Black Mirror.

If you missed it above, check it out below:

This is only a teaser trailer for now, so we can look forward to more footage of the upcoming season when a full trailer drops closer to the release date.

Black Mirror season 6 episodes: How many can we expect in Black Mirror season 6?

It hasn't been confirmed how many episodes are in Black Mirror season six and based on previous seasons, we can't really have a solid guess either.

While a number of seasons have had just three episodes, others have delivered as many as six – so we'd expect somewhere in that range for the next chapter. That's about as helpful as we can be right now.

Black Mirror season 6 plot: What's going to happen in Black Mirror season 6?

The teaser trailer for Black Mirror season six promised it will be the "most unpredictable, unclassifiable, and unexpected" season yet.

Speaking to Tudum, Brooker explained how season six "reinvents itself with each new episode" and stretches the "parameters of what a Black Mirror episode even is".

"I’ve always felt that Black Mirror should feature stories that are entirely distinct from one another, and keep surprising people — and myself — or else what's the point? It should be a series that can't be easily defined, and can keep reinventing itself," he added.

"We've also got a few new elements, including some I've previously sworn blind the show would never do, to stretch the parameters of what a Black Mirror episode even is. The stories are all still tonally Black Mirror through-and-through – but with some crazy swings and more variety than ever before."

zazie beetz , black mirror season 6

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There is one other thing we can also be certain about: expect plenty of Easter eggs littered throughout, cementing the theory that it all takes place in one universe.

Speaking to Digital Spy in May 2019, Jones also assured fans that the show will continue on the same wavelength as its earlier episodes.

"I don't know if I'd call it a 'British' sensibility. It just so happens that we like telling small, personal stories," she said. "The concepts are the fabric, but the story is always told, hopefully, in an emotional, intimate way.

"I don't think that has changed, but [the move to Netflix] does give us the opportunity to tell small stories on a bigger canvas, whether it's 'USS Callister' or 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too' – I mean, taking on an international pop star is something we wouldn't have done in series one, for example."

aaron paul, black mirror season 6

There has also been talk of another interactive episode following 'Bandersnatch'.

"While we were making it we kept saying, 'We’ll never do this again'. And then I guess, perhaps like childbirth, you block out the pain and approach it a second time," Brooker previously told The Hollywood Reporter.

"By the end I was saying, 'Oh I've got an idea'. It's definitely something I would do again and I think there are lots of ways to tackle it."

He added: "The biggest challenge is narratively. It would have to justify being interactive otherwise, why put yourself through that?"

Black Mirror airs on Netflix.

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