Blackadder Star Sir Tony Robinson Knighted

Blackadder Star Sir Tony Robinson Knighted

Sir Tony Robinson - aka Blackadder's Baldrick - has been knighted by Prince William at Buckingham Palace.

The 67-year-old star said a "little bit of Baldrick crept over me" during the ceremony, referring to the manservant character he played in the classic BBC comedy.

Sir Tony said: "I messed it up completely - I forgot that you were supposed to bow at the beginning, I was just stood there and I was looking at HRH and he was looking at me.

"I stepped forward and knelt. Then I went the wrong way."

He also revealed that he has recruited Prince William for a cameo should Blackadder ever make a comeback.

"He said that he was a big fan of Blackadder and was there going to be another series? I said we have always talked about it," revealed Sir Tony, who now presents archaeological dig series Time Team on Channel 4.

"I said to him 'would you be prepared to be in it?' He said 'yes' like a shot.

"I managed to do a bit of casting while he was awarding my knighthood. I think that is probably a first."

Sir Tony was knighted for public and political service.

Brought up in east London, he had appeared in West End productions and movies by the age of 13, and played football with Liza Minnelli in his teens as he appeared in a movie with her mother, Judy Garland.

Sir Tony went on to write a series of books for children to encourage them to show an interest in history.

He remains best known for his role as Edmund Blackadder's long-suffering sidekick.

The latest investiture was the second carried out by the Duke of Cambridge and also saw former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell made a Companion of Honour, which is awarded for services of national importance.