The Blacklist airs Raymond Reddington's fate in show finale

The Blacklist season 10 spoilers ahead.

Raymond Reddington met a wild end in the series finale of The Blacklist this week.

Season 10 of the NBC crime thriller gave fans a two-hour send-off, with James Spader's FBI informer on the run from the Strike Force team and politician Arthur Hudson (played by Toby Leonard Moore of Billions).

Halfway through, Red came face-to-face with his hunter, who shot down the fugitive's bodyguard-turned-agent Dembe Zuma (Law and Order's Hisham Tawfiq) before receiving a fatal bullet in return.

james spader, the blacklist
Fernando Marrero/ SONY/ NBC

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The congressman's death led special agent Jordan Nixon (Derrick Williams) to vow revenge on Red, but this only created tension between himself and assistant director Harold Cooper (Henry Lennix).

By this point, Red had successfully made it to Spain, where he spent some time browsing the fruit and vegetable aisle of a local market. Here, he also made one final phone call to his granddaughter Agnes (Sami Bray) while checking up on the hospitalised Dembe.

diego klattenhoff, the blacklist
Fernando Marrero/ SONY/ NBC

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The Strike Force remains one step behind Red, who's soon enjoying the pleasures of a picturesque countryside.

In arguably the show's biggest twist yet, he's then preyed upon by a massive bull, who studies the criminal before charging towards him in a slow-motion rage. The horrific scene cuts to a helicopter bound for landing, with the squad's Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) looking down on Red's battered corpse.

Could this ending become viewed as one of the greatest, akin to Walter White's machine-gun downfall in Breaking Bad?

The Blacklist season 10 aired on NBC in the US.

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