Blackpool Carnival cancelled for second year in a row 'due to lack of support'

Blackpool Carnival has been cancelled for the second year in a row with organisers citing a 'lack of support' and 'funding constraints' behind the decision.

The free event was due to take place on the weekend of Saturday, May 4, and Sunday, May 5, at the Waterloo and St Chads Headlands with a grand procession between the North and South Piers. However in a statement issued yesterday (April 23), organisers confirmed they have pulled the plug on the summer spectacle which dates back to 1923.

It comes after the carnival's centenary celebrations were axed last year due to ‘unexpected’ restrictions and escalating costs. The committee said they are 'working tirelessly' to ensure the carnival goes ahead in 2025 and 'reflects the vibrancy and spirit of the local community'.


An initial statement read: "Blackpool Carnival 2024 event cancelled. With deepest apologies, the Blackpool Carnival is cancelled, but efforts are underway to revive it for 2025 through community involvement. The Blackpool Carnival Committee is dedicated to making the upcoming event exceptional, promising a revitalised experience with enhanced attractions and activities.

"They're working tirelessly to ensure that the 2025 Carnival reflects the vibrancy and spirit of the local community."

Commenting on the post, Blackpool Carnival added: "Residents you have no idea how much work is put into this event by some of the committee members, and how hard it was to come to the decision to cancel."

Blackpool Carnival in 2022
Blackpool Carnival in 2022 -Credit:Facebook: Blackpool Carnival

In a second statement, they said: "We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and acknowledge the impact this decision may have on local businesses and stakeholders. We recognise that explanations are owed: due to a lack of support, inconsistencies with our partners, and various obstacles compounded by funding constraints.

"Regrettably, we are forced to cancel the carnival for a second consecutive year. Rest assured, the Blackpool Carnival Committee is exerting every effort to ensure the successful staging of the 2025 Blackpool Carnival, and we apologise once more for the short notice.

"That you for your understanding and continued support."

Responding to the posts, one person said: "Such a shame. It takes so much energy and drive to host events like this. Thank you for trying to bring some fun and colour to Blackpool's streets. All the best for next year."

Another wrote: "So sorry to hear this as I know you have all put lots of time and effort into this event." A third commented: "Oh no. Feel for all those behind this as know how much effort goes in to organise this. So many people asked to perform and the young ones especially lose out every time as they get so excited."