'Blackpool made me what I am... and soon it's going to become the place to be'

Liam is a Boy George impersonator
Liam is a Boy George impersonator -Credit:Liam Halewood/Instagram

Blackpool is a special town - a place where dreams are started and people can express exactly who they want to be.

The glitz, glamour and bright lights of the promenade, coupled with the orchestrated escapism that Winter Gardens and the Blackpool Tower brings for many, there's one word used to describe the town - showbusiness. Whether you're a stage performer, singer, actor or magician, the town has a very unique ability to make you feel at home.

Liam Halewood has felt at home in Blackpool too. Better known for his Boy George impersonations, Liam says without the town he 'wouldn’t be were he is today'.


He added: "My career in acting and singing and radio presenting on Coastal Radio is where it is now because of here. Blackpool has my heart and I am so excited for my not just for my own but Blackpool future, because this town is going to be the place to be very soon but has always been the town to be for me."

More recently, Liam has made a quick appearance on an episode of Channel 4's Hollyoaks during their Pride episode. Talking about the experience, he said: "I had the best time celebrating Hollyoaks pride.

Liam Halewood
Liam Halewood -Credit:Supplied

"The cast and crew are always a joy to work with there. Always feels like one big team and even just being an extra, a walk on they always try their best to get us in on the action."

Liam landed the role through his agency, Mint Casting who he says "are brilliant to work for." In his cameo, he can be seen kissing a man during the celebrations, something he says, is important to be shown on the television.

He added: "Being part of the pride celebrations was more than the money for me. It just shows the steps we have taken in our community and was so proud that two men can now just kiss on day time telly and there isn’t much fuss about it anymore.

"It is always fun to dress up colourful and although in coming episodes there is loads of drama, Hollyoaks always takes massive and bold steps to show all kinds of representation within the LGBTQIA+ community."

Liam is best known for his Boy George tribute act after spending £20,000 to transform into the singer. Singing since he was 18, Liam performed at social clubs in Manchester before making a drastic change to his appearance with botox, fillers in his face and lips, non-surgical jaw alignment, hair transplants, eyebrow shaping, regular facials and skin peels - all to look like his idol.

Since then, Liam has made appearances in mainstream entertainment too, with slots on Judge Rinder, Britain's Parking Hell, Naked Education and Bargain Brits on Benefits - but to name a few.

Despite his love for showbusiness and the glamour of entertaining, Liam is still drawn to the bright lights of Blackpool having moved to the town around 13 years ago at the age of 24. In the town, one thing the performer holds dearly are pride events, which represent the LGBTQIA+ community.

Having risen in popularity over recent years, more and more people join pride events and the increase in demand has caused it to become a much bigger beast. Liam says this level of organising does and should come at a cost.

He said: "People think prides should be free but sometimes it’s not possible with the amount of money and organising it takes to put on such a large scale event.

"Acts cost as they should, security costs as it should and staging, lighting sound and events planner cost as it should that's there income and 100% needs to be covered, but I know the Blackpool pride committee do it for free and work so hard behind the scenes because they are doing it to support inclusivity and diversity in and around Blackpool Wyre and Fylde.

"All prides fundraiser as much as they can but it would never amount to what is needed so that why there is charge at most prides because of costs plus we are very lucky in Blackpool to have our beautiful promenade where the parade can happen so we are fully visible as a community which everyone can attend for free."