Bladder cancer symptoms and a red flag warning sign that can appear in your legs

Health experts have outlined the symptoms of bladder cancer
Health experts have outlined the symptoms of bladder cancer -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Health experts say a little-known sign of bladder cancer can be spotted in your legs.

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, and during this time, people are being urged to learn more about the symptoms of the illness and the signs to look out for. In the UK, it's the 11th most common type of cancer, and the eighth most common type of the condition in males, reports the Daily Record.

Jennifer Argent, at Patient Claim Line, has named some of the most vital body changes to look out for which could be an indicator of bladder cancer. If you're concerned about the disease or any symptoms that you have, you should visit your GP who may then pass you on to a specialist for further examinations.

What is bladder cancer?

According to Jennifer, bladder cancer occurs when cells in your bladder lining grow or divide abnormally, leading to the formation of a tumour. This is most common in the inner lining of your bladder, often referred to as the transitional epithelium or the urothelium.

She said: "Urothelial bladder cancer, also known as traditional cell bladder cancer, is the most common type, making up 90% of bladder cancer cases in the UK. Other rarer types of bladder cancer include squamous cell bladder cancer, small cell bladder cancer, adenocarcinoma and sarcoma.

“Bladder cancer can either be described as muscle invasive or non muscle invasive by your doctor depending on the extent it has spread. If it has grown into the deeper tissues then it will be called muscle invasive bladder cancer.”

Bladder cancer takes a long time to develop so usually affects older people. Cancer Research states that 60% of new cases are diagnosed in people aged 75 and over.

Symptoms of bladder cancer

Blood in your urine is the most common sign, with 80% of people diagnosed experiencing this symptom. However, there are a few more to look out for as well. Patients suffering from advanced bladder cancer may experience symptoms such as pain in their pelvis or bones, swollen legs or unexpected weight loss.

Jennifer added: "Other red flag symptoms that our clients have experienced can include needing to urinate frequently, urgently, or feeling a burning sensation when urinating. It’s important to note that all of these symptoms can be related to other medical conditions and may not result from bladder cancer. However, medical guidance is to consult your GP should any of these symptoms arise to determine whether cancer is the cause.”

More information about bladder cancer is available on the NHS website here. The NHS adds: "If you notice blood in your urine, even if it comes and goes, you should visit your GP, so the cause can be investigated."