‘The blame for your loss is on you’: Ryan Garcia and promoter Oscar De La Hoya in heated public dispute

Ryan Garcia and Oscar De La Hoya have engaged in a heated dispute on Twitter, over the latter’s suggestion that his fighter could face Manny Pacquiao next.

Garcia suffered his first professional loss in April, when he was beaten by Gervonta “Tank” Davis in Round 7 after being put down by a body shot.

The American, 24, has since taken to Twitter to outline his preferred next move, naming Teofimo Lopez, Rolly Romero and Isaac Cruz as potential opponents. However, his promoter – former world champion De La Hoya – seemingly has other plans.

De La Hoya publicly declared that he is targeting a bout between Garcia and Pacquiao, 44, but “King Ryan” took exception, tweeting on Thursday (1 June): “This isn’t happening!! I said what I wanted… It’s frustrating.. tired of this.”

Garcia also complained of being left alone by his team at the post-fight press conference after his loss to Davis.

De La Hoya, 55, replied: “Wtf @RyanGarcia it’s been almost two months and youre still crying about the post presser? The blame for your loss is on YOU and your ‘advisor’ Lupe [Valencia]. He is the only one who pushed you to accept that INSANE rehydration clause and THAT is the reason you lost. Man up. Own that.

“Also, you keep saying ‘tanks team offered more support’ for you blah blah blah. Bro they SET YOU UP TO LOSE with that rehydration clause and most importantly… AL HAYMON [Davis’s manager] DIDNT EVEN SHOW UP THE ENTIRE WEEK. Actually, he NEVER shows up. How’s that for ‘support’???”

Garcia (left) was dropped twice by Gervonta Davis en route to his first loss (EPA)
Garcia (left) was dropped twice by Gervonta Davis en route to his first loss (EPA)

Garcia also took issue with a photo of De La Hoya smiling next to Romero, posting the image and writing in a since-deleted tweet: “You know I’m about to fight this guy, and you go act buddy buddy with him. You don’t care about your fighters. Really tired of this fake act!!

“STOP THE CAP [lies] BE REAL FOR ONCE MAN. I can respect you more if you just told me the truth, you’re in it for the cash. No love lost.”

De La Hoya responded, “It’s called promoting, who do you think sparked the fight week press conference when it was like being at a funeral. My job is to promote your job is to fight. No lost love,” to which Garcia replied: “Weren’t you just promoting the fake Pac fight that I already told you I’m not accepting. You really think ima fall for that bull twice.”

In a final response, De La Hoya wrote: “Not going to argue over social media. When you have time to sit down man to man, we can get you another huge payday.”

Garcia was accused by some world champions of ‘giving up’ in his loss to Davis, 28, who stayed unbeaten with the result.

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