Blogger Saves On Train Journey From Sheffield To Essex - By Travelling Via Berlin


A teenage blogger claims that he saved £7.72 on his train journey from Sheffield to Essex - by taking a plane via Berlin.

Jordon Cox, 18, who blogs under the name The Coupon Kid for, explained on the website how he had travelled an extra 1,017 miles last week and saved £7.72 by getting back to Essex from Sheffield via Berlin.

The blogger wrote: ‘I know that flying is not very environmentally friendly and I won’t do this every time I travel, however this was the cheapest way for me to get home and I got to enjoy a “free” mini holiday to a city I’ve always wanted to visit.’

Jordan says that he had booked a cheap train fare to Sheffield but found a return ticket was £47.


He then discovered that flying from East Midlands Airport to Berlin, spending seven hours in the city and then flying to Stansted and getting a bus home was actually cheaper than a single train journey in England.

Jordon also found he could buy a return train ticket to Berlin city centre, before enjoying a free tour of a government building and having lunch - and still saved money.

He added: ‘OK, this isn’t for everyone as it can take a whole day to get to your final destination, but if you’re not in a rush, your focus is saving money and you fancy a little walk around a European city, it’s worth a look.’

Jordon also says that it’s worth factoring in travel to and from the airport into the cost - along with remembering that all important passport.

*Books flight straight away*.