Bob Costas knocks Biden’s ‘hubris’ campaign: He must ‘be shown the door’

Emmy-winning sportscaster Bob Costas knocked on President Biden’s “hubris” campaign on Friday, saying the commander-in-chief should be “shown the door” as the 2024 election gears up to be another likely showdown between Biden and former President Trump.

Costas suggested it’s not a wise idea to make Biden the Democratic nominee for the 2024 election, during a guest appearance on a panel during “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday evening.

“If Biden’s hubris is such that he doesn’t understand the best interest of his party, and more importantly, his country, then he has to be shown the door, period,” Costas said.

While former President Trump is “a threat to democracy,” Costas explained he remains skeptical that Biden would be able to defeat the former president in a rematch during the November general election.

“Because, if Trump is a threat to democracy — and in many ways he is — so too are the Dems who are in danger of being as feckless as the Republicans have long been shameless,” Costas said. “If they’re gonna send this guy out there — if Trump is a monster, and in many ways he is, you’re gonna send this guy out to slay the dragon? I don’t think so.”

The only reason Biden won the 2020 election, Costas added, was because “he’s not Trump.”

The former NBC sports commentator added that he felt Biden intended to only serve one term, a sentiment with which Maher agreed.

“He did not promise not to run again,” Maher said. “But he did run on a big hint, yeah. He said, ‘I see myself as a bridge’ — that’s collapsing. Yeah, ‘I see myself as a bridge.’ I read that as ‘one-term,’ okay.”

Maher suggested Democrats still have time to replace Biden, in what, he believes, would give the Democratic Party a better chance to secure the Oval Office come November.

“And I guess the question is now, is it too late — and I don’t think it is because I think you can do it at the convention,” Maher said. “People have said to me, ‘Oh, that’s ridiculous, they’ll look—’ They’ll look like nothing. Nobody gives a f— what you do, they’d be thrilled if they get it the day before the election. You could switch him out at the convention, good.”

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