Bob the Drag Queen fires back after Jorgeous's TikTok diss, previews shady beef to come

Jorgeous; Bob the Drag Queen
Jorgeous; Bob the Drag Queen

Bob the Drag Queen is ready to feud it up after a TikTok from another queen did NOT sit well with them! And we're living because nobody does fun, shady beefs like Miss Bobberina!

The popular performer took to the platform Monday to stitch a video posted by fellow RuPaul's Drag Race alum Jorgeous earlier this month. The original TikTok featured Jorgeous using a filter that allowed her to rank various former contestants from the show as they popped up. Bob was the very first one who did — and Jorgeous immediately plopped him into the 8th spot out of 10.

The queens set to compete in season nine of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars were announced last week, with Jorgeous among them. And of course Bob is forever weighing in on everything RPDR on the podcast he hosts with Monét X Change, Sibling Rivalry. "I am going to have so much fun reviewing this season of All Stars," Bob said in response to the TikTok. "It's gonna be great."

#stitch with @Jorgeous

While this little exchange may not be much to go on yet, one redditor wisely acknowledged that "Bob knows that having a little mini beef with a queen on the show drives engagement," suggesting that fans who have been paying attention are expecting more kerfuffles between Bob and Jorgeous once All Stars kicks off on May 17.

And in the meantime...they are getting ready for it.

Is this the next Blair St. Clair sitch?? Will they trade diss tracks ala Mistress Isabelle Brooks or Maddy Morphosis? Guess we'll have to tune into All Stars 9 and Sibling Rivalry to see where this goes!