Bob MacIntyre dazzles Scottish Open with his play and jazzy attire as Scot makes '14th green twice' quip

Bob MacIntyre dazzles Scottish Open with his play and jazzy attire as Scot makes '14th green twice' quip

Bob MacIntyre was more Hawaii than Haddington.

But the Oban star just wants his golf to somehow outshout his loud shirts. MacIntyre lit up the Renaissance with both his play and his garish gear. The Scot and his playing partners Rory McIlroy and Viktor Hovland dazzled the day-one galleries in East Lothian. MacIntyre also dazzled the eyes with the latest jazzy number from his sponsors, Nike.

He joked not even superstar McIlroy could have pulled off wearing his blue blur of foliage and there’s plenty more in the cupboard as he laughed: “There’s a few wild ones. I think this is actually quite tame compared to some of the ones I’ve been wearing already this year, especially the yellow one at the US Open. I pick this week. Next week will be scripted just so me, Rory and all that aren’t wearing the same. I don’t think Rory would pull this one off, and I’m not either!

MacIntyre (left) with McIlroy -Credit:SNS Group
MacIntyre (left) with McIlroy -Credit:SNS Group

“I might pull this back out in January if I get to Hawaii. You know what I am like. I’ve got the undertop on because I’ve not been wearing jumpers much and didn’t want to have one on this week.

“If not, I’d probably have been out here in a short-sleeved shirt. I’d rather my golf did the talking than the shirt.”

MacIntyre’s jovial outlook on the cloth matched his demeanour on the course. Relaxed and focused, he was completely at home alongside his Ryder Cup pals.

It was a far cry from 2019 when, playing alongside McIlroy and Rickie Fowler, a less-experienced MacIntyre was a nervous wreck. He said: “I remember I stood on my first tee, the exact same one, and I could hardly get the ball on the tee.

“This time, my hands were calm and I knew exactly what I was doing. This isn’t coming from some magic potion. It’s all from experience.

“I’m 27 and going to be 28 soon. I’ve got a long career ahead of me and just have to keep learning from everything I do.”

Instead of being crushed by expectation with the massive crowds, he savoured the situation and continued: “Aye. It was great. Scottish fans are always kind to me, but the support over the time I’ve turned pro has been unbelievable.

“Hopefully I can keep doing them proud throughout my career. They might get lucky to watch me win, but I’m here to perform and all I can do is control myself.

Viktor Hovland -Credit:Getty Images
Viktor Hovland -Credit:Getty Images

“I’ve known Viktor since we were 13 or 14 year old and, obviously, Rory since I came out here in 2019. Two good guys and I’ve grown a lot closer to them since the Ryder Cup.

“When you are out with good players, they might hit a certain shot into a pin and it makes you go : That’s the way I need to play it. It actually makes life a bit easier.”

The calmness belied the clobber and MacIntyre explained: “To be honest, it’s the way I have been playing lately and it’s the way I play my best. I am happy in life and that’s all you need, really. The game of golf is a job, but, at the end of the day, whether it is good or bad, it’s not going to change me.

“Yes, it might make me work harder at certain points, but I know how good I am and what I can do. It’s just about letting it happen.

“I’ve had a lot of experiences this year. Myrtle Beach, for example, when I had the chance to win and I made a mistake by pushing to try and win a tournament. I got down on myself as a result of that.

“Then, in the PGA, I kind of hung in there, had a bit of fun with Mike [Burrow, his caddie] and got the result at the end. It just made me realise that, if I get down on myself and get annoyed and uptight, it ain’t helping my golf.

“So it’s the one thing I’ve really tried to work on. It’s about letting the golf happen.”

It wasn’t all plain sailing. One brutal tug saw him land a ball on the 14th green when he was aiming for the 12th.

Adam Scott and Fowler were in the threeball who had to wait for him to get out of the way. MacIntyre kept that cool head and laughed: “I was on the 14th green twice. It just went in the wind.

Bob MacIntyre -Credit:SNS Group
Bob MacIntyre -Credit:SNS Group

“You can’t [play it off the green] and I thought you could. I asked the rules official, but he said no and I had to take a drop.

“When he came over, I was praying I was going the way I went as it got me on to a slight upslope and back into the wind. The shot was over a wall, but it was fairly easy.”

In the end, MacIntyre’s 67, which was the same as Hovland, was two worse than McIlroy. It was only one worse at the end 12 months ago when he was pipped to the title, but he said: “It wasn’t mentioned.

“I’ve spent quite a bit of time with him since then and, obviously from The Ryder Cup, I’ve got to know him personally. He’s a good guy. I get on really well with him.”