Bob MacIntyre rues PGA Championship blunders as two bogeys and a 25 minute delay scunner Scottish hero

Upset Bob MacIntyre was left stewing over a delayed ruling before the Scottish golf star hit a back-to-back bogey finish to dent his chances of winning a maiden Major.

The Oban hero was right in the mix at the PGA Championships at Valhalla, however, after seeking clarity over where he could seel relief it ended on a sour note. MacIntyre trails leader Xander Schauffele by five shots with 36 holes to play. And he was left peeved over the protracted wait which left him finishing his second round in the "pitch black".

Speaking after his tough finish, the Ryder Cup star said: “Yeah, it was solid until the last two holes. Took them 25 minutes to get a ruling, and I've come out from the ruling and it's pitch black. It's just really annoyed me. To finish the way I finished is really not good when I'm right in the golf tournament. Now I'm kind of behind the 8-ball trying to fight back.

“I was just trying to find out where my nearest point of relief if I dropped it and it was casual water and I just needed to know where my nearest point of relief was, and the guy didn't know so we had to get a second guy. It just took longer than it needed to, and I just lost all momentum. Hadn't swung a golf club in 25 minutes. Probably two bad swings, the worst shot I've hit all week on the par-3 eighth. I suppose we just get on with it.”

MacIntyre – who spoke earlier this week about the challenges of playing full-time Stateside – made clear he's not in Kentucky to merely make up the field.

He added: “I'm not turning up here trying to just take part and be a number. I'm trying to win the major. If I'm in it, I'm trying to win it. I was in a great position. I'm still in a decent position. But I've just given two shots to the field. I was in a good spot there, and yeah, just sore to finish the way I finished.”