Bobby Berk addresses his Queer Eye departure

Bobby Berk has addressed his departure from Queer Eye.

The interior designer explained it had been time for him to move on after seven years with the makeover series and that he had dealt with some of his "demons".

"I'm feeling great," Bobby told Us Weekly. "You know, I had a really great experience for seven years. And you know, for me, it was just time to move on to other things."

Bobby, 42, went on to say he felt he'd successfully made peace with his departure from the show, despite the fact none of the other key cast members had left.

"I had made peace with that... two years ago because we all thought that was the end and I started working on other projects."

Bobby also explained that over the years he worked on Queer Eye, he found himself confronting some deep-seated trauma - and he was grateful for the support of his husband, Dewey Do.

"There were a lot of times where I had to deal with some demons," he said.

"I had to deal with some trauma from childhood and adolescence that I didn't want to and so he was always there to hold me when I come home and literally cry."