Bobby Lee reveals traumatic experiences with Hollywood directors on Joe Rogan podcast


Comedian and actor Bobby Lee has opened up about the verbal and emotional abuse hurled at him by directors when he was still starting in the entertainment industry.

Encounters with racism: In a recent interview with host Joe Rogan on the “The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, Lee recounted an incident back in the 1990s involving a prominent Hollywood director he refused to name who called him a "pan-faced gook.” The director also purportedly subjected him to public humiliation on set over a line delivery mistake, compelling the entire crew to label him "the worst actor on planet Earth."

“They all did that and tears welled up in my eyes,” Lee said. “And I remember a wardrobe lady looked at me, she goes, ‘I'm so sorry.’"

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Lee faces the light: Lee then went on to share a separate incident in which renowned director Michael Bay allegedly grabbed his face aggressively during a commercial. According to Lee, Bay was asking him to have his face be “in the light” but he did not know what to do.

“I'm a stand-up, I come from the same place you come, which is open mics and stand-up. I didn't learn how to act. I don't know what a jib camera is or a mark or any of that.”

Peter yeller: Lee also shared a more recent incident, which happened on the set of the 2018 CBS reboot series “Magnum P.I.,” helmed by Peter Weller. Lee, who played the recurring character of Jin Jeong from seasons 2-5, recalled instances where Weller would scream and berate him, as well as other cast members, for minor mistakes.

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Lee's evolution: Throughout the exchange, Rogan expressed shock and disbelief at the severity of Lee's experiences. Highlighting his evolution as an actor, he noted that he now chooses projects where he feels genuinely valued.

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