Bobby Norris Weighs In On Pete Wicks & Megan McKenna Split - Predicts They’ll Get Back Together

TOWIE’s Bobby Norris has weighed in on the Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks split drama – predicting that the pair will be able to rekindle their romance.

The Essex reality star also claimed that despite Pete’s philandering ways, he knows that deep down ‘he does have a good heart’.

Speaking to Heat Magazine, Bobby said:

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“Being psychic Bobby, I think give it four or five weeks and it’ll all be fine.”

"I have known Pete a lot longer than I have known Megs so I know that deep down he does have a good heart.”

"I am a loyal friend so I have got a lot of love for Pete. Megan is a lovely girl and I have been in a similar situation in the past so I know how that feels when your partner has allegedly been texting someone else.”

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“It’s a hard one for me because I don’t feel it’s a case of taking sides and I just hope they resolve it.”

Pete was sent home from filming TOWIE in Marbella, after allegations of cheating were published last weekend.

According to The Sun, Pete had been texting model Jacqui Ryland whilst he was enjoying the romantic break with his girlfriend Megan McKenna.

The paper claims that Pete told the model his relationship was ‘boring’ and that he also sent a series of sexually explicit messages.

A source told the paper: “Pete was due to stay on until the end of filming in Marbella as he is one of the main cast.

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“But he is being sent home early. There is so much drama on set right now and they are hoping this will ease the tension.”

Megan deleted photos of the couple from her Instagram last week and took to Snapchat to tell her fans what she thought of the whole situation – and she didn’t hold back:

“I did know about some messages that have been going about. But for me to see messages I haven’t seen before in a paper and on social media.. that f***ing hurts”

“Do you know what hurts even more? Seeing messages from your boyfirend on social media, messaging a girl saying that he misses doing her up the ****…Wow. Wow.”

“I don’t know why [Jacqui] would sell a story like that. Maybe she’d seen that we were making a go of it? I didn’t realise all them messages had been going about. It’s hurtful and heartbreaking. I wish none of this had happened. Life’s a ****”