Bobcat Performs Impressive Balancing Act as It Struggles on Treetop

A bobcat in British Columbia risked more than a few of its nine lives while struggling to stay on top of a tree in Chilliwack, recent footage shows.

Tammy Jordan shot footage of the wildcat precariously hanging on to the treetop for dear life. She told Storyful that there was also a cougar in the tree.

Speaking to Global News, Jordan said that the cougar was a few branches below the bobcat, and that “every time the cougar would go up the tree, the bobcat would go to the tip top of the tree”.

“It shouldn’t have been able to hold its weight. And then the crows were diving the poor bobcat,” she added.

Jordan said she thinks that once it got dark the cougar left and the bobcat got away. Credit: Tammy Jordan via Storyful

Video transcript