Body language expert shares six signs that someone has a crush on you

A heterosexual couple, perhaps in the honeymoon phase of their relationship look very devoted and in love as they gaze at each other at a dining table.
It can be tough to know if someone is crushing on you -Credit:Getty Images

It can be tough to know if someone has a crush on you, especially if you're not an expert.

When you feel a spark for someone, it's easy to over interpret every little thing they say and do to determine if they feel the same, making things quite nerve-wracking. Luckily, a specialist in dating, body language and psychology has shared some tell-tale signs that someone's into you.

Adam Lyons is a professional dating coach who has helped people find love. To help anyone looking to make the first move, he has shared six behaviours you may see in a person who is crushing on you.

It comes as the topic 'signs someone likes you' has reached an astounding 128 million views on TikTok, as love birds seek wisdom on how to know if their feelings are reciprocated by their crush.

Through delving into the intricate world of body language, Adam has uncovered such signals which indicate that someone is attracted to you, and has shared his top six "sure-fire signs of a crush".

Read below to learn more about them, plus some other signs than someone might like you, as reported as Wales Online.

Six signs that someone is attracted to you

Young couple drinking beer in pub
Smiling can be a sign that someone is flirting with you -Credit:Getty Images

1. Smiling

Adam revealed that if someone is smiling around you frequently, this could be a sign that they have a crush on you. Being around their crush makes them happy, and they won't seem to be able to wipe the grin off their face.

2. Proximity

The second sign that someone has a crush on you is what Adam refers to as “proximity”. If someone likes you, you may notice that they are “finding excuses to be physically closer to you”, even if they haven't got anything to say.

3. Adjusting their clothing

If someone is constantly adjusting their appearance when they are around you, Adam says that this is a big sign that they like you. He likened this to “birds preening their feathers”, they'll constantly be adjusting their clothing, or fiddling with their hair to make sure they look better.

4. They ask for your help

Adam explained: “You tend to only ask for aid from people that you trust and or therefore are attracted to". So if they are regularly asking you for help, this may just be an excuse to speak to you, as well as them showing that they trust you.

5. Touching

One of the biggest signs to look for in someone who has a crush on you is that they will want to come into contact with you more than normal while you are speaking. For example, they might touch your arm, hand or back while speaking to them.

6. Laughter

When someone likes you, you’ll find that they think you are hilarious. Adam says another huge sign is that they’ll laugh at all of your jokes in an attempt to flatter you, and they think you are really great.

Other signs someone may like you include:

They respond quickly, message you often and use emojis

  • They pay close attention and remember things you've said

  • They mirror your actions, facial expressions, tone of voice or posture

  • They hold eye contact with you and compliment you

  • They ask you questions, whether that's about yourself or even something as simply as how you day's been

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