Bodycam Shows Wisconsin Police Getting Charged by Dogs

Two police officers were hospitalized with bite wounds after several dogs attacked them in southern Wisconsin in mid-March, footage shows.

Bodycam footage provided by the Monona Police Department shows an officer getting charged by several dogs in a parking lot in the city before getting bit by one of them. The officer is seen calling for backup, and the second officer is also charged and bit shortly after arriving on the scene. Several dogs are seen exiting the vehicle and running around the parking lot as the owners try to retrieve them. An officer is seen using a Taser on at least one of the dogs.

The Monona Police Department told local news that roughly nine dogs were seen and that both officers received bites on their upper thighs. According to local news reports, the officers were treated at a hospital for the bite wounds.

Monona Police Chief Brian Chaney told local news that “the officers involved used a tremendous amount of restraint after being charged and bit,” and that the owner was issued two citations for failing to control her animals.

According to local outlet WKOW, Chaney said, “Animal Services reported there to be past bite history with various dogs and the owner involved in this incident.” Credit: Monona Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- We got our dogs right there. We didn't want no trouble.

- No, good. Were you guys dumping trash out here?

- No.

- OK, that wasn't here yesterday when I was in the parking lot. You sure?

- I'm gonna go see my dogs, sir. They doing that. I'll pick up whatever. No problem.

- All right.

- I got to check on these dogs.

- All right.

- All right, thank you, sir.

- Shut up. Knock it out. Knock it out!

- What do you want them to tend to? He's got about 10 dogs in the car that he's fighting with right now.


- Hey, hey. Go back. Go back. Ouch. Jessie, Jessie, start my way. I just got bit by a dog.


Back. Get back! Get back!


I don't need EMS, I made it back into my squad. He's got dogs running all over the place. Looks like the dogs are fighting each other too.

- [INAUDIBLE] with that 3-David unit's name.

- You need-- hey hey, you need to get your dogs under control. You need to get your dogs under control.


Ma'am. Ma'am. Hey, you got to get your dogs under control. They're going to get hit by cars out here.

- I know. I know.

- Hey, hey, hey. We'll take MacFarlane 33 for right now. Hey, no, Jessie. Jessie, just get in your car, just--

- Get out of here.

- Get your dogs in line. Get your dogs in line.

- Como here!

- Taser deployed on one dog. Hey, stop, relax, relax, relax. You got treats? You got treats?


- Scary stuff.

- Get your dogs in the car! Get your dogs in the car!

- Come here! I'm sorry.

- Copy, we need Broadway shut down and I need an officer with OSE out here.


Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Puppy, come here, puppy. Come here. Come here. Let's go in the-- car ride. Come on, let's go for a car ride. Come on. Let's go for a car ride.

It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. Just-- hey, watch this-- hey, we need to get the dogs in the car. We need to get the dogs in the car.


Get that one right there. Get that get that dog right there.

- Please, come.



- Get back. Get your dog now! Get your dog or it's going to get tased.

- Please, come.

- It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.

- Come on! Hunter. Come here!

- We need a catchpole if someone has one. We got about four dogs left. One's aggressive.

- Hunter!


- That's the aggressive one.

- What's that?

- That's the aggressive one.

- The gray one?

- Yeah, bit me twice.

- Dude, it me right in the--


- I got bit in the arm and the--