The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 21, 2024: Thomas returns

 Matthew Atkinson as Thomas in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Credit: CBS

Thomas returns in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 21, 2024.

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We bring the week to a close at Forrester Creations, where Hope (Annika Noelle) is busy putting together new looks for Hope for the Future. She smiles as she checks off the list. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) arrives and is impressed with everything she has done. Brooke asks if Hope is going to be able to fight her feelings for Finn, reminding her daughter that she could do a lot of damage if it gets out. Hope promises that she will have to handle it. Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) walks in and sees them hugging. He asks what’s going on.

Tom (Clint Howard) approaches Deacon (Sean Kanan) about their conversation the day before. Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) is in the doorway and hears him talking. Tom says that Deacon turned his life around and he wants to be the best employee possible. He was only doing research out of concern. Deacon sees Sheila and dismisses him to go do an inventory in the supply closet. Once Tom leaves, Sheila asks how he’s enjoying his new employee. Deacon looks up and sees Bill (Don Diamont) and Poppy (Romy Park) enter. She begs him to take them so they’re not in her section.

Deacon greets Bill and Poppy. He didn’t see their reservation, but it’s under Poppy’s name. Bill says he’ll sit anywhere except the "homicidal maniac section." Bill places drink orders for himself and Poppy, who is impressed that he got her order right. Poppy says he transformed her life and she still can’t get over it.

Ridge asks if Brooke is going to be hard on Hope now that she has a leadership role. Ridge looks at Hope’s work and starts to make a suggestion but Hope is still working on it. He still thinks he walked in on something and asks if they were talking about Steffy.

Poppy tells Bill how happy she is, and he says she made it clear earlier that morning. She promises she has a ways to go in that department. "Check please," he jokes. He tells her how she’s transformed his life and he doesn’t have words to express how happy he is.

Ridge asks again what’s going on. He says if there’s something going on with Steffy then he needs to know about it. Hope says she has been struggling with something but it’s not what Ridge might think it is. She admits she has felt lost since Thomas and Douglas left and it makes her question her feelings, which have been all over the place. She promises that it won’t impact her work. Ridge is glad she has her mother’s opinion and he pledges that he is also there for her if she needs a man’s opinion. Before he leaves, Ridge says that Thomas loved her very much.

Tom helps Deacon pack a take-out order. One of Il Giardino’s big sellers right now is "toe appetizers" from the wedding menu. That makes Tom think about Sheila’s nine toes and how a stable person probably wouldn’t cut off a toe. Sheila walks in, of course, and hears part of the conversation. Deacon is distracted by a phone call, and when Tom goes to get a pitcher of water he finds Sheila standing behind him with a knife, growling about stability.

Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) listening in The Bold and the Beautiful
Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) listening in The Bold and the Beautiful

Sheila hands him a pitcher of water. She tells Tom that she appreciates him and everything he’s doing. He’s well-liked "so far" and she doesn’t want to see that change. Deacon ushers him out with water.

Poppy tells Bill about how Luna enjoys pools and she tried to have a birthday party for her at one but it didn’t work out. Bill says he has lots of pools for her to choose from. When Tom arrives to pour water for them, he sees Poppy and accidentally spills all over her. She looks shocked to see him, too, but she quickly recovers and sends him away. Bill has to get her attention because she’s so jarred at seeing Tom. What’s that about?

Ridge apologizes for bringing up hard memories. He was hoping that Hope’s struggles had to do with Hope changing her mind about Thomas. Hope says she wasn’t ready for marriage and he understands. She breaks down in tears when he says he was trying to help her find peace. She admits she’s been struggling more than people have realized. Ridge asks if she’s reconsidering but she’s not ready for marriage to anyone. When she is ready, she will at least know that through Thomas she understands what it’s like knowing someone’s love.

Tom looks out at Poppy and Bill. Sheila wants to talk to Tom about what he was saying to Deacon. She says there are two sides to every story and if he wants to make it at Il Giardino, then it’s her side he needs to be on. Tom doesn’t want to get off on the wrong foot. Sheila says she’s upset that he bad-mouthed her to her husband. That was the past, and it has to stay there. Tom is rattled after she walks away. He goes back to look at Poppy and they make eye contact.

Ridge apologizes to Brooke for crossing a line with Hope. He’s not blaming her, he just felt like she looked lost. Brooke says she’s dealing with a lot and she’s concerned. She says they’ve talked through it and she hopes they worked it out. Ridge says that this is why he hired her, because she can work things out. But Brooke thinks it’s so they can see each other more often.

Hope goes into the empty CEO office and rubs her head. She’s thinking about Thomas when Douglas (Henry Samiri) walks in. She looks over and sees him, and she runs to him and hugs him. She looks up and sees Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) there, too, but she doesn’t rush to him. "Hello, Hope," he greets her with a smile. She smiles back.

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