Bonnie Greer defends meeting with Laurence Fox amid racism row: ‘I like people who are different from me’

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Laurence Fox and Bonnie Greer: Laurence Fox Twitter
Laurence Fox and Bonnie Greer: Laurence Fox Twitter

Bonnie Greer has defended her decision to meet with Laurence Fox, following the actor’s controversial comments in recent weeks on white privilege, the Meghan Markle race row, woke culture and Sikhs fighting in the First World War.

Greer, a playwright, novelist and broadcaster who is known for her progressive and liberal outlook, was the subject of a social media backlash after she met with Fox for coffee this week and posed for a friendly photo with him.

“It’s good to talk. We are going to talk again. Thank you for meeting,” Fox captioned the picture on Twitter.

Former Big Brother star Natalie Rowe was one of those to question Greer’s meeting with the right-wing actor, writing: “One question @Bonn1eGreer. What exactly did you achieve by meeting that fool? And what’s with the hands draped all over him? Enlighten me as to the benefits you can now share with us all, after your meeting with him.”

Greer has since defended her decision to meet with Fox, tweeting: “I like people who are different from me. Since I was a little kid. I still do. Why I moved ‘abroad’. So sad to see so many people in their little bunkers, in their teeny little helmets, sniping at the world outside. I’m surprised that there are so many of them...”

In another tweet, she wrote: “I talk to and take pictures with whomever I like. Always have. Always will. Tra-la-la, #haters.”

Greer also commented several time on Fox’s “incredible” and “amazing” shoes, which she said she was “fixated by”.

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