David Cameron says Boris Johnson is 'full of jealousies and paranoias'

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
David Cameron said the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was "dysfunctional" (AP)

David Cameron has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnsons tenure as Mayor of London, describing him as being “full of jealousies and paranoias”.

The former Prime Minister described Mr Johnson’s time as mayor as “dysfunctional” - and said he could have done the job “a lot better”.

He also recalled a time the current PM told him he had a “nine-point plan” for an idea - but “couldn’t even remember the points”.

Mr Cameron has made the claims in 'For The Record', his anticipated tell-all memoirs from his time in Government (Photo by Amer Ghazzal / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

Mr Cameron made the claims in his new autobiography, ‘For The Record’, his anticipated tell-all memoirs from his time in Government.

In the book, which he wrote at home in Oxfordshire, Cameron addresses a host of issues such as his feelings on Brexit, his family and his relationships with other senior Tory figures.

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Speaking of Mr Johnson, he wrote: “As for the London mayoral election, there was a widespread theory that I didn’t want Boris to win a second term - that we were such great rivals that I would rather see the capital go to Labour than my old rival triumph.

“It really wasn’t like that. Boris was the one who was full of jealousies and paranoias, which so often influenced his behaviour. I wanted him to win.

Former prime minister David Cameron during an interview with presenter Nick Ferrari in the LBC studios at Global Radio in Leicester Square, London. The interview is set for broadcast on Thursday.

“He had been a great mayor, but I felt city hall was dysfunctional, and that he could do the job a lot better.

“I had been advising him to pick winnable fights with the government on things he controlled and that we could try to accommodate - like transport - rather than economic policy, which wouldn’t change and which would leave us both coming off badly.”

Prime Minister David Cameron watches as Mayor of London Boris Johnson speaks during a campaign event at Grey Court School in Richmond, London.

The attack follows a number of other scathing assessments of Mr Johnson’s character which have emerged during his time in office.

Sir John Major compared the Prime Minister to a “dishonest estate agent” over his prorogation of Parliament.

He was called the "father of lies" at the Supreme Court during a hearing over the legality of his Commons suspension.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, in 10 Downing Street, London, ahead of a bilateral meeting.

Mr Johnson has also been accosted by angry members of the public.

On Wednesday, he was confronted by the father of a sick girl over the current state of the NHS when the Prime Minister visited a hospital.

Omar Salem told Mr Johnson his newborn daughter had to wait two hours for treatment in the children’s ward at Whipps Cross University Hospital, in east London, after she nearly died on Tuesday.

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