Boris Johnson mocked online for comparing Brexit deal to microwave meal

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been roasted online as he compared the Brexit deal to a microwave meal for the second time.

Speaking during the launch of the Conservative Party’s General Election campaign at the NEC in Birmingham, Mr Johnson said he would “whack” the Withdrawal Agreement Bill “in the microwave”.

Referring to the Brexit deal, Mr Johnson said the UK should: “Whack it in the microwave, gas mark… I’m not very good at cooking… gas mark four.

“Prick the lid. Put it in, and then we can get on… we can put this deal through Parliament.”

The Prime Minister previously used a similar microwave metaphor on a hospital visit in October.

One Twitter user reacted to the remark, saying: “Guess Boris Johnson doesn’t do the cooking in his household.”

A social media user asked: “How can he possibly negotiate a trade deal with the EU if he can’t even tell the difference between a ready meal and a roast dinner?”

Another person on Twitter said: “Someone get a pic of Boris’ kitchen. No idea what a microwave is.”

This is not the first time Mr Johnson has referenced cooking when discussing Brexit.

On a visit to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge on October 31, he said: “We’ve got an oven-ready (Brexit) deal, put it in the microwave as soon as we get back from the election.”

Mr Johnson visited the Queen on Wednesday for an appointment in which Parliament was dissolved ahead of the General Election on December 12.