Boris Johnson named prime minister: Yahoo and HuffPost UK editors analyse Britain's new leader

Boris Johnson was named Britain's next prime minister this week after beating Jeremy Hunt in the Tory leadership race. The former journalist-turned MP took over from Theresa May after sweeping to power with a landslide victory voted for by Tory Party members. Yahoo News Editor Chris Parsons discussed Mr Johnson's appointment with Yahoo Finance UK Senior City Correspondent Oscar Williams-Grut and HuffPost UK Political News Writer Jasmin Gray. Points discussed: - Can Boris Johnson deliver Brexit on Oct 31? (02:15) - Who will be in Boris Johnson's Cabinet? (04:55) - Will Johnson and Trump's 'special relationship' become stronger or weaker? (07:17) - Can Johnson seal a trade deal with the US? (08:45) - Could Boris Johnson face a no-confidence vote (10:39)