Boris Johnson's election victory is 'catastrophic warning' to US Democrats, says presidential hopeful

Boris Johnson's election victory is a 'catastrophic warning' to Democrats in the US, presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg has warned.

Democratic candidate Mr Bloomberg reportedly told reporters that the Conservatives’ historic victory in Thursday’s election could be the “canary in the coal mine” for US politics.

“The public clearly wanted a change in the UK,” Fox News reported him as saying.

His comments echo those of Boris Johnson’s top advisor Dominic Cummings, who laid the blame for Labour’s huge losses in the general election result at the door of “educated Remainer campaigner types”.

Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said the general election result is a "catastrophic warning" to democrats in the US (Picture: REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

He added: “The change was much more rapid and [had] greater magnitude than anyone had predicted. And I think it’s sort of a catastrophic warning to the Democratic Party that you’re just going to have to have somebody that can beat Donald Trump, and that is not going to be easy.”

He summed it up as Americans wanting “evolutionary change” rather than “revolutionary change”.

Boris Johnson is celebrating a historic victory in the general election (Picture: Stefan Rousseau/Pool via REUTERS)


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What happens next for Brexit after Boris Johnson's crushing election victory?

Thursday’s election saw the Conservatives record a decisive victory, leading to the crumbling of Labour’s so-called ‘Red Wall’.

Mr Johnson’s party won 365 seats, with Labour picking up just 203, giving the Tories a comfortable majority.

Mr Bloomberg was not the only one to suggest that a similar scenario could happen in US politics.

Commentator Andrew Sullivan tweeted: “One lesson from the UK: if the Democrats don't stop their hard-left slide, they'll suffer the same fate as Labour.

“If they don't move off their support for mass immigration, they're toast. Ditto the wokeness. Left Twitter is not reality.”

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