Bowen Yang dishes on his steamy kisses with Sydney Sweeney on 'SNL' & we're double jealous

Who would have guessed that Bowen Yang could be straight?

The comedian just went viral for his hysterical recent sketch on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live with Euphoria and Madame Web star Sydney Sweeney serving as the show's host.

In the skit, SNL cast members tell Sweeney that Yang isn't actually gay... which leads to Sweeney and Yang having a spicy and very funny hookup.

The actors took it another level by adding some real smooches to the scene which made it even more hilarious.

"I felt very privileged with that mantle that I'm someone who's kissed her! She was so funny. I give her all the credit for being game to do it. She was so easy to work with," Yang tells PRIDE.

Sweeney is just one of the iconic celebrities that Yang has worked with on SNL throughout the years. However, he still has some manifestations for future guest hosts.

"I would love if Cher was available. If Cher would do something on the show, I would lose my mind. I will say when RuPaul came, we had one sketch together and it was cut for time, so I'm manifesting another RuPaul appearance if it's in the cards. I didn't get enough with Ru and I love Ru."

Along with his iconic SNL roles, Yang also finds time to star in quite a few notable acting projects including Joel Kim Booster's Fire Island and the upcoming Wicked movies.

In terms of a sequel to Fire Island, Yang says fans should never rule anything out.

"There's a lot of ideas floating around. Joel is more into the idea of writing other movies that have the same cast as Fire Island, but different stories. Joel is the best. I think our paths will cross again!"

Speaking of other projects, Yang serves as the lead on the popular Audible Original Hot White Heist, which just dropped its second season.

The show features an all-star cast of queer celebrities including Cynthia Nixon, Jane Lynch, Bianca Del Rio, Katya Zamolodchikova, Cheyenne Jackson, Tony Kushner, and many more.

"It's so exciting! They break into a Lesbian podcaster's apartment, they go into space... it's all of these crazy circumstances that are all beautifully tired together."

Hot White Heist is available now on Audible. To see the full interview with Bowen Yang, check out the video below.

Bowen Yang Dishes on His Steamy Kisses With Sydney Sweeney on 'SNL'