Bowen Yang wants Faye Dunaway to 'confront' him over social media handle

Bowen Yang wants Faye Dunaway to “confront” him over his Instagram handle.

The Saturday Night Live star famously uses the @fayedunaway username on the social media website.

Appearing on Live! With Kelly And Ryan on Wednesday, Bowen divulged that there has been a “new development” over his use of the handle.

“As of, like, two weeks ago, I’ve gotten word that she knows about me having the handle and she does actually want to come on SNL and confront me on live television,” he commented, specifying that Faye wants it to be part of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment. “She gets brought out to talk about her social media handle being co-opted by this random Asian guy.”

Bowen claimed he did not expect his Instagram handle to become a source of drama, as he made the account before his rise to stardom with SNL.

“I did not want this because I was like, truly, just some plebeian in Brooklyn,” he smiled. “(I thought), best-case scenario, her people reach out to me and give me like $20 and I give it to her. But, now … there’s a blue check next to my name. People might think that I’m the real Faye Dunaway!”

He previously joked on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he wanted the 81-year-old actress to take legal action against him.

“I would go to court. I would get locked into the longest battle with her. All I want is just a cease-and-desist,” he laughed.