Box office smash M3GAN takes the fashion world by storm as Marc Jacob's new muse

Box office smash M3GAN takes the fashion world by storm as Marc Jacob's new muse

The robotic girl from the titular film, M3GAN, has been a gay icon, a TikTok sensation and inspired countless memes. She can now add style superstar and model to that list.

The fictional AI character of the insanely popular January-released cinematic sensation, M3GAN - short for Model 3 Generative Android - has landed her first fashion campaign, starring in newly released adverts for Marc Jacobs’ Heaven brand.

She’s in excellent company too, following in the footsteps of Christina Ricci, Kate Moss and Pamela Anderson who have also modelled for the diffusion line's campaigns.

Heaven, launched in 2020, is a polysexual line aimed firmly at Gen Z with a lower price point than Jacobs’ usual designs.

M3GAN is the perfect face of the brand, swapping her little-girl style of the movie for a grungier vibe in the Harley Weir-shot photos, namely a skull-print hoodie and chunky platform boots.

In the campaign, the images bathe the AI doll in blood-red light which is nothing if not fitting, considering the amount of bloody mayhem she causes in throughout the movie.

M3GAN follows Alison Williams’ character, roboticist Gemma who takes on her niece Cady (played by Violet McGraw) after her parents die in a car crash. Gemma creates the AI doll M3GAN to help Cady cope with her loneliness and grief, but the humanoid robot becomes a little too human, with deadly results alongside hijinks aplenty.

The film was a box office smash, raking in over $173 million (approx. €163 million), against a relatively low budget of $12 million (about €11.3 million).

The movie, directed by Gerard Johnstone, took the internet by storm and the titular character immediately cemented her status as a camp icon as soon as the world saw her killer dance moves and sassy attitude.

A sequel is set for release in 2025 and there seems to be no end to what M3GAN can achieve. There have even been whispers about red carpet appearances - but let’s please keep those as whispers, as the very idea of the uber-creepy doll strolling along in public is, frankly, the stuff of nightmares.