Boxed wine? Why not? Here's some of the best out there

Charles enjoying a glass of red  (PA Wire)
Charles enjoying a glass of red (PA Wire)

Colloquially known as ‘goon bags’ in Australia (which is where I first discovered them as a young backpacker), at first glance, bag-in-box wines might not seem the most chic repository for your favourite tipple.

You'll have to reassess though, I'm afraid, because this overlooked way of transporting wine boasts many benefits. Not only does the boxed format reduce freight weight and stay fresh for around six weeks after opening, but it can also withstand rugged settings where glass could smash and cause a raucous. Oh, and did I mention that the likes of Michelin-starred stalwart St. John has embraced the box to host their own array of wines - served at the restaurant and to take home? Frankly, it's a no brainer.

Interested? Push your snobbery aside and take a look at these three options, all of which will heighten a party, a dinner date or simply a quiet night in.


This keenly priced and deliciously moreish selection encapsulates grape varieties more often associated with Port than dry red wine.

From £20 for 2.25L, at Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda

Porta 6 red wine bag-in-box (Porta 6)
Porta 6 red wine bag-in-box (Porta 6)

MALBEC FAN: Laylo Lot #10: Malbec

A medium wine with notes of mulberry, blackcurrant and cocoa, this inky Malbec is not from Argentina or France, but Spain, courtesy of winemaker Lauren Rosillo.

£34.99 for 2.25L (

Laylo Lot #10: Malbec (Laylo)
Laylo Lot #10: Malbec (Laylo)

LOIRE BLANC: Bobo Château de Parnay Saumur

Billed as ‘the finest French viniculture lovingly squeezed into a box’, this deep-hued organic Chenin Blanc is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

£46 for 2.25L (

Bobo Château de Parnay Saumur (Bobo wines)
Bobo Château de Parnay Saumur (Bobo wines)