Boy George makes cheeky dig at 'mean' Madonna amid ongoing 'feud'

Reports of Boy George and Madonna's feud goes back to the 1990s

Boy George made a cheeky dig at Madonna on Lorraine (ITV screengrab)
Boy George made a cheeky dig at Madonna on Lorraine. (ITV screengrab)

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Boy George has made another naughty dig at his so-called arch nemesis Madonna on Lorraine on Thursday amid their ongoing fallout in the music industry.

TV host Lorraine Kelly couldn't resist dropping in that the singer has been playfully feuding with Madonna and Adele during his time in the spotlight.

What, how and why?

Not shying away from talking about the so-called spats, Boy George couldn't resist making another dig at Madonna. Of his feuds, the singer said: "I think you can admire someone and think they’re genius and think they’re a bit mean. That covers Madonna in her entirety." Once he made the quip, Boy George belted out a hearty laugh while sat on the sofa opposite the TV host.

Despite their so-called feud, Boy George had such great admiration for Madonna as he revealed secretly that he does love her. He added: "I went to see her show. Took my sister, she's a big Madonna fan. Took my sister to see her, we had brilliant night. Love the songs, big fan of the music. Love her really but… You’re Madonna, get over it!"

Looking back on his time in showbiz, Boy George had no qualms talking about his past diva behaviour. He said: "I was a bit of a diva. I used to be a bit insecure. I was never rude to people but I might be panicky. Now I don't care what I look like."

Boy George and Madonna's feud

Madonna and Grace Jone (From Back) attend Versace Fashion Show
Madonna pictured with Grace Jones in the 1990s, when the feud with Boy George dates back to. (Getty)

It comes after Boy George said Madonna snubbed him backstage as he reignited their old feud in October. At the time, he tweeted: "Everyone has asked, not unsurprisingly, did Madonna say hi since I was backstage and the answer is no. Like Adele she decided it was a step too far."

Reports of a feud between Boy George and Madonna goes back to the 1990s. The singer responded to Madonna's 1991 Vanity Fair cover saying: "Comparing Madonna with Marilyn Monroe is like comparing Raquel Welch with the back of a bus."

Boy George has made cutting comments at the singer over the years. Madonna isn't the only celebrity said to have a feud with him as he has had run-ins with Liam Payne and the late George Michael too. Plus more recently, he rowed with Scarlette Douglas in the I'm A Celebrity jungle.

What else happened on Lorraine?

Boy George with his mum Dinah (Getty)
Boy George with his mum Dinah (Getty)

The conversation also got very emotional when Boy George opened up about how he reacted when his mum Dinah died aged 84 in March this year. He said: "To know the way I behaved was amazing. I thought I would tear the house down, freak out. In that moment you become a grown up. You realise it's not about you."

An emotional Boy George revealed the intimate details of the moments he shared with his mum before she died. He said: "It was really beautiful to be with her, hold her hand. My mum was surrounded by everyone, she gathered the troops. She absolutely didn't want to go. It was a very sad moment. People say you never get over it. I don't want to get over. I speak to her everyday. I told her I went to see Madonna."

Boy George and Matt Lucas appeared on Lorraine (ITV screengrab)
Boy George and Matt Lucas appeared on Lorraine (ITV screengrab)

On a lighter note, the singing superstar also hilariously reflected on the moment he nearly lost his book Karma when his makeup artist dropped a tequila sunrise on his laptop. He said: "I was doing it on tour. My makeup artist dropped a tequila sunrise on my laptop, nearly lost everything."

Never shy to be controversial, Boy George revealed how he has changed over the years. He said: "I got better at trying not to say too many controversial things. In book you can write things down in a more intelligent way, it doesn’t sound as critical as people might think... Having a sense of humour is essential."

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