'My boyfriend ghosted me after five-year relationship – then left me cryptic message'

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A woman has been left devastated after her long-term partner ghosted her out of nowhere.

Nobody wants to be ghosted – especially by someone they love. This 45-year-old woman unfortunately was a victim of the cruel act when her boyfriend disappeared without a trace five years into their 'great relationship.'

However she is still holding out hope for their love after receiving what she described as an 'Easter Egg' from him.

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"We’ve always had a great relationship," the anonymous woman told Reddit users. "We have our own separate places, spend time together when we can, spend holidays with my family and have constant contact via text and phone.

"We are the type to text all day long (good morning, what’s for lunch, how’s your day going? etc)... Last month the texts were more sparse and I was the one to initiate a conversation. I kept asking what was wrong but was told everything was OK."

On the woman's birthday last week, the man's behaviour grew even more bizarre. While he wished her a 'Happy Birthday', he didn't do anything to help her mark the big day.

The next day, he blocked her. She added: "I don’t understand how after being together for so long he can just ghost me. No conversation or anything... I dropped off his stuff at his house yesterday (no contact).

"I put a short letter in his box of things telling him how bad he hurt me and how wrong it was to ghost me instead of having a convo. I emailed him today (from my work email) to see if he got it and he only replied 'Received'."

In the days that followed, the woman sobbed, struggled to eat and go about life as usual. But she got an unlikely ray of hope when she unexpectedly heard from her estranged lover.

"Last night I texted him from my mum’s phone (I told him it was me)," she explained in an update. "Told him how hurt I was and that I just basically wanted answers. He responded: 'When and if I want to talk, I'll let you know. But, just continuing to call doesn't work for me. I told you before when I don't want to talk I don't want to talk'. I replied that I would respect his space and decided to stick to no contact.

"Pathetic to say, that one response gave me a little hope that maybe he will end up contacting me and we can work things out because he would absolutely tell me to bug off if that’s what he wanted. Today was the first day I haven’t cried.

"I am ashamed for holding onto hope but it’s getting me through the day and I’m refocused because I’m not obsessing on trying to get in touch with him."

The confession was quick to garner plenty of comments on the platform, with various users stressing that her ex-partner's behaviour is unacceptable and shouldn't be forgiven. Concerned, one person wrote: "I wouldn’t give someone who ghosted me after five years a second chance. What he did is unforgivable. Move on."

Another added: "Avoidant attachment style. This is his problem not yours. You’re stuck in the anxious avoidance trap/cycle. Sorry, he’ll never give you closure. This happened to me."