'My boyfriend and his mum's relationship makes me uncomfortable - I feel nervous'

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A baffled woman has taken to Reddit to share the 'strange thing' her boyfriend does with his mother, sparking tensions within their relationship.

The 25-year-old found herself perplexed when visiting her partner's family in Cuba. As an only child and the family's 'golden boy', she was prepared for some unique family dynamics. However, nothing could have readied her for the reality that her boyfriend appears to act as a 'second husband' to his mother. "He takes on a protector role, especially guarding his mother, calling out his father if he doesn't 'act right'," she shared anonymously online.

She initially found his behaviour somewhat amusing and potentially normal, stating, "For example, if his mum slaves away in the kitchen and his father doesn't pick up after himself, my bf tells his father off. I thought it was sort of funny and cute, and probably normal."

Yet, she also pointed out the unusual level of physical intimacy exhibited, which extended to playing in the sea by holding his mother by the waist and carrying her actions she associates more with romantic partners.

Her discomfort escalated following two particular incidents involving overfamiliar behaviour. The woman described further: "The thing that truly called my attention was that he slapped her on the [bum] in the kitchen. Presumably because she made a funny remark and he was laughing with her or something along those lines.

"He did it again today at the table, when we were sitting down for lunch, slapping her repeatedly on the a***, and thanking her for the food."

She has since been questioning her feelings, pondering whether it is a "cultural issue" or something she is unaccustomed to. The woman added that she isn't "accusing him" of anything, but admitted it has left her confused.

"I do feel that his relationship with his mum might be too overwhelming for me to handle," she shared, adding: "Throughout our trip I've become nervous talking about the future with him, because I am not sure I can adapt to this family dynamic.

"His parents are moving to Europe in the next year and will live very close to us. They will be in our lives every day. I want to be close with them if we stay together, and this is making me very nervous."

The anonymous confession has been met with countless comments online, including one from a 34 year old Cuban man, who gave his opinion on the cultural norms.

He said: "34M Cuban dude here - this is kind of weird." Adding: "The butt slapping is (unfortunately) somewhat common practice in Cuban culture, though definitely not with the frequency you're experiencing. The carrying and other intimate things you described are definitely not common and can't be chalked up to cultural differences."

Meanwhile, another individual chimed in: "I'm from a Latino family and this is not normal behaviour but it's also not abnormal. Latino families can be super physically affectionate and they do tend to stomp all over boundaries."