Your boyfriend Russell Tovey is locking lips in the new Pet Shop Boys music video

Gay actor Russell Tovey stars in the Pet Shop Boys music video for their song A New Bohemia
Gay actor Russell Tovey stars in the Pet Shop Boys music video for their song A New Bohemia

What happens when you combine a gay director hot off of the success of All of Strangers, a famous gay actor, and one of the gayest pop groups ever to grace the airwaves? Pure magic in the form of a steamy new music video!

Today, the Pet Shop Boys — made up of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe — released their newest music video for the song “A New Bohemia” from their latest LP Nonetheless, which they’ve dubbed their “queer album.” Inspired by the ‘70s queer artist and activist group Les Petites Bon-Bons, the new song has a distinctly ‘70s folk-rock flair.

The music video is a bit of a reunion for the queer artists behind the beloved gay drama Looking, bringing director Andrew Haigh and star Russell Tovey together once again, Queerty reports.

The video starts with Tovey skating by himself around a roller disco rink. It then cuts to the Pet Shop Boys singing on a beach before wandering around an old school roller disco where Tovey works. Things take a sexy turn when Tovey moves onto the roller rink, where he dances and gets hot and heavy while making out with another man.

The Pet Shop Boys dropped Nonetheless on April 26, calling it a “queer album,” and have since released a very gay music video for the album’s first single, “Loneliness,” and one for “Dancing Star,” which features historical footage of gay ballet star Rudolf Nureyev.

Yesterday, Tovey took to Instagram to write that he was “very very proud “ to have the chance to work with Haigh again.

In an interview with Nowness, Haigh said of the experience, “I have loved the Pet Shop Boys since the release of Please. I have every album and have seen them play live many times over the years. Getting to make a music video with them has been a dream come true.”

Haigh is clearly a fan, even going so far as to include the Pet Shop Boys’ cover of Brenda Lee’s “Always on My Mind” in his film All of Us Strangers.