The Boys unveils first look at Homelander and Billy Butcher in season 4

homelander the boys season 4 teaser
The Boys unveils first look at season 4Amazon Prime

The Boys and Gen V spoilers follow.

The Boys season four has released a first look at Billy Butcher and Homelander.

Following surprise cameos for the pair in the final episode of The Boys spinoff Gen V, Karl Urban and Antony Starr are back for the fourth series of Prime Video's bloody flagship superhero smash.

The first look images see Starr reprise his role as Homelander – the maniacal, egotistical and sadistic leader of The Seven, and Urban appear as Billy Butcher – the gruff, expletive-fond leader of a group of vigilantes (The Boys) intent on bringing down 'Supes' once and for all.

homelander the boys season 4 teaser
Amazon Prime

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However, if the first look images are anything to go by, things aren't going well for the heroes. One poster shows Homelander looking triumphant with coloured confetti falling around him, while the other poster shows a downcast Butcher looking at some fallen balloons on the floor.

In the Gen V finale, Homelander appeared briefly to laser-eye Marie in the chest as she attempted to stop a rampaging Cate and Sam from killing all non-supes.

Butcher, meanwhile, appeared in a mid-credits sting to investigate the ruins of 'The Woods' – the secret facility underneath Godolkin University that was being used to not only experiment on its students, but also develop a virus that targets and kills all superheroes.

butcher the boys season 4 teaser
Amazon Prime

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A second season of Gen V has already been announced, with Maddie Phillips and Asa Germann confirmed to return as Cate and Sam.

The Boys season four currently has no release date – but work on the next instalment began on August 22.

Showrunner Eric Kripke previously posted a picture of what appears to be the season-four premiere script, titled 'Department of Dirty Tricks'.

The Boys seasons 1-3 and Gen V season 1 are available to watch in full on Amazon Prime Video.

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