Brainteaser requires 20/20 vision to spot the strawberry with the missing stem

-Credit: (Image: VSO)

Brainteasers are a fun way to get your mind in gear, but they often require the ability to look at things from all angles.

To complete the latest puzzle, shared by VSO challenges, you will need to have a sharp memory and spot out peculiar patterns. Previous research shows that regularly completing brainteasers can help boost memory and may even lower the risk of brain conditions like dementia.

This brainteaser requires you to find the strawberry with the missing steam. It is believed only those with 20/20 vision can find the odd fruit out.

It may sound simple, but each strawberry's stem is quite small and can be easily confused for its leaves. In addition, there are a lot of them in the one image, against a backdrop of tennis balls to make things more complicated.

If you feel up to the task, it's time to get focused and get looking.

Engaging in puzzles and brainteasers can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity, providing a mental break from daily stresses. The critical thinking and logical reasoning skills developed through brainteasers can be applied to everyday decision-making and problem-solving.

So did you manage to find it yet? If not, we have shared the answer in the picture below.

Here's your answer -Credit:VSO

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