Brandy teases residency and tour plans with Monica

Brandy and Monica will be hitting the road and setting up a residency if the singers have their way.

The RnB sensations have been back in the spotlight after Ariana Grande booked them to perform on a remix of her song, The Boy Is Mine.

Recording the track reunited Brandy and Monica over a decade after their last duet, 2012's It All Belongs to Me, and 26 years after the release of their own song of the same name.

And now Brandy, 45, is petitioning Monica, 43, to join her on a tour.

Gushing about their remix hit, Brandy told Extra, "It was so magical. The energy between me and Monica was so beautiful. I loved working with her this time."

She continued, "It was so great for (Ariana) to call us up to be a part of it. She didn't have to do that... even though her song is called The Boy Is Mine, she didn't take anything from the original. She created a whole new song, so to call us up and for her to pay homage that way was just such a blessing."

Signalling plans for more collaborations with her old duet partner, Brandy said, "I had a great time with Monica and I just want to do more with her in the future. I hit (Monica) up so much talking about all the things that we could do together - tour, residency, everything."

She added, "I really want that, Monica!"

The Boy Is Mine was a chart smash for Brandy and Monica, hitting the top of the charts in countries around the world including Canada, the Netherlands and the USA when it was released in 1998.