Brave brothers raising money in memory of sister Ada-Rose, 2

Two young North Staffordshire brothers "desperate" to raise money in memory of their baby sister are preparing to tackle the Great Birmingham Run. Nine-year-old Jack Holmes and younger sibling Archie Holmes, aged six, from Newcastle-Under-Lyme, will take part in their respective junior and mini races at the event on Sunday (May 5).

The pair are raising money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity in memory of their two-year-old sister Ada-Rose, who died in August 2022 due to an extremely rare heart condition. When she was just 12 months old, her mum Kristy noticed she looked puffy.

Having already fought several recurring chest infections, Ada-Rose was taken to see her GP. The swelling was put down to the warm weather at the time and Ada-Rose was sent home.

However, Kristy saw no improvement and a week later, she returned to the doctors for answers. Eventually, Ada-Rose was referred to her local hospital where multiple tests revealed that she had an enlarged heart.

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Ada-Rose was taken straight to intensive care where doctors began treatment to drain retained fluid in her body before transferring her to the specialist Cardiology department at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. It was there that Ada-Rose received her devastating diagnosis.

The toddler had a condition called Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, which meant that the chambers of her tiny heart had become stiff and were struggling to pump blood around her body. To make matters worse, she was also suffering from Mitral and Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation, which meant two of the valves in her heart weren’t closing properly, allowing blood to flow back into the chambers. Ultimately Ada-Rose needed a heart transplant.

The next five weeks were a whirlwind for the family. While Ada-Rose waited for the precious gift of a new tiny heart, she and Kristy found themselves in and out of the hospital for constant check-ups, medication changes and later when Ada-Rose began refusing to eat, she had a nasogastric (NG) tube fitted to feed her.

Ada-Rose managed to celebrate her second birthday with her family and two weeks later, she was granted weekend leave from hospital. Armed with borrowed equipment to keep Ada-Rose stable, the Lane family began to enjoy the precious time but Kristy could hear a rattling in Ada-Rose's chest and she knew something wasn’t right. Ada-Rose began coughing and vomiting and Kristy rushed her back to the hospital. Sadly Ada-Rose deteriorated quickly overnight, and the following day she passed away.

Since losing their baby sister, Jack and Archie, watched in awe as mum Kristy took on fundraising challenges, including climbing Ben Nevis to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, as thanks for everything the brilliant doctors did for Ada-Rose. This year, the boys decided it was their turn to pick up the fundraising baton.

Kristy said: "Ada-Rose has left a huge hole in all our hearts and her passing has had a massive impact on Jack and Archie and how they view things now. The boys have been desperate to find a way to fundraise in Ada-Rose's name and ever since signing them up to the Great Birmingham Junior and Mini Run, they’ve been running around the block after school to train. I couldn’t be prouder of them."

Miranda Williams, head of public fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, added: "Dealing with the devastating loss of a sibling is never easy, but we’re so humbled that Jack and Archie have followed in Kristy's footsteps by choosing to remember Ada-Rose by fundraising for our charity. The money raised will help so many of our kids by funding better treatments, the latest technology, and creating a comfortable, child-friendly experience and environment."

If you’ve been inspired by Jack and Archie’s story, there’s still time to sign up to take part in the Great Birmingham Run and take on the half marathon or 10k distance. Younger runners can sign up to join Jack and Archie in the 2.5k Junior Run (for children aged nine to 15-years-old) or 1.5k Mini Run (for children aged three to eight).

To sign up to run and raise vital funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity visit

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