Brave Frankie Essex Admits: 'I Was On The Brink Of Suicide Last Year'

Frankie Essex has bravely opened up about battling depression, admitting in a new interview that just last year she was on the brink of suicide.

We are so glad that the TOWIE star was able to overcome this.


The reality star is known for her bubbly personality but has now revealed that losing her mother Tina to suicide when she was just thirteen years old has left her damaged and still affects her to this day.

Speaking out, Frankie explained: “I did think about killing myself, like my mum. She was depressed and I’m scared I’ll fall into that hole.

"But I’m on antidepressants now and they’re helping me feel happier. I want to be the old Frankie again.”


Frankie fell into a downward spiral when she became involved in a toxic relationship with ex-boyfriend John Lyons, and also became down after piling on the pounds and creeping up to her highest ever weight.

She added: “I’d lost all my confidence. I had a really sh*t year, probably the worst year I’ve ever had, and I was really down. I lived with my boyfriend John and I had to move out.”

Thankfully Frankie was able to move in with her cousin Chloe Sims, who helped her see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The star added to Now magazine: “I’m on a six-week waiting list to see a counsellor. If it wasn’t for Chloe I don’t know where I’d be today.”

We’re so glad that Frankie is finally getting the help that she needs.

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