Brazen gang of Edinburgh youths race past security to get into music festival

A brazen gang of youths have been pictured jumping the gates at one of Edinburgh's most popular music festivals.

The cheeky revellers bypassed security to sneak into Terminal V music festival on Sunday - where other punters forked out up to £140 for a weekend ticket.

The group were filmed by an unimpressed attendee who shared the images with Edinburgh Live.

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He said: "I think it's really unfair when everyone else has to pay, I couldn't believe the cheek of them".

Scotland's biggest electronic dance festival, Terminal V, runs from April 13- April 14 at the Royal Highland Centre, marking the 10th year of the epic event.

On Saturday techno prodigy Oguz packed out the Area V 2 Stage which had been remodelled with a 360° immersive stage.

Meanwhile over at The Terminal the gritty and industrial sounds of Blawan reigned supreme and DJ Heartstring cultivated some seriously special dance floor moments at the festival’s Greenhouse Open-Air Stage.

Thousands of electronic music lovers from all corners of the globe attended Terminal V Festival across the weekend where they experienced a line-up of more than 80 international artists and homegrown talent across five stages, four of which are freshly redesigned, and cutting edge production.

Terminal V has grown from a single room warehouse event with only 2500 people in attendance in 2017, to now bring over 15,000 music fans to Terminal V Halloween and 40,000 at the ever expanding Terminal V: Festival taking place this weekend.