Brazilian drag star Pabllo Vittar on how she’s celebrating Pride & what she’ll be wearing

Pabllo Vittar and adidas collection
Pabllo Vittar and adidas collection

Pabllo Vittar is a drag star and celebrated musician and, it turns out, a designer, too! For this year’s Pride season, adidas revealed their 2024 Pride collection which they co-created with the “Corpo Sensual” singer. The new collection also features athletes and allies including Tom Daley, Layshia Clarendon, Stonewall FC London player Jo Kokkinopliti, and Athlete Ally founder, Hudson Taylor. The theme of the collection is “Love Unites” and, perhaps most importantly of all, it’s super cute.

PRIDE caught up with Vittar to talk about how she’s ringing in the Pride season if the world can take a lesson from Brazil when it comes to celebrating, and all the deets on her new Pride collection with adidas.

Tom Daley and adidas collection
Tom Daley and adidas collection

Courtesy of adidas

PRIDE: What does Pride mean to you?

Pabllo Vittar: Pride means being able to be who you are all the time without having to worry about what’s around you, and without being afraid to express yourself.

Why is Pride more important than ever this year?

The Pride movement is important every year and all year round! We have a lot to celebrate and a lot to fight for! We still have a long way to go.

What could the rest of the world learn from the way that Brazil approaches or celebrates Pride?

I've been to a few Pride parades around the world and I feel that the celebration, even with its local peculiarities, has the same goal and love involved! So it doesn't really matter how you celebrate your pride, the main thing is to always celebrate!

What’s your best advice to people going to their first pride this year?

Be happy, be yourself, and celebrate your existence with all the love you deserve!

How are you celebrating and being visible during Pride?

With a lot of work and, above all, celebrating this super collection with adidas! I was very happy and honored to be the first Brazilian artist to develop a collection with adidas globally! It took more than a year of working together to deliver this entire collection and I hope you all love it!

2024 adidas pride collection
2024 adidas pride collection

Courtesy of adidas

What was it about Adidas and this collection that made you want to be a part of it?

adidas and I have been partners since the beginning of my career! So I have by my side a brand and a team that believes in me, supports me in my projects, and with whom I can collaborate! So this significant step that I've taken, alongside adidas, feels natural, and it makes me very proud to work with a brand that has been by my side for so long.

Talk to me about the design of this collection and how it reflects you and your aesthetic.

In the creation process, I had the full support of my stylist, Vitor Moreira, and of a super team from adidas to be able to translate my ideas into the pieces! The creation of the pattern was very much based on the idea that we are a community of many colors. That's why the print is fluid and represents everyone! I also wanted to incorporate some of the unusual cuts in the brand's pieces and bring a Brazilianness to them! And of course, to show that all the pieces are perfect for all body types!

Their rallying cry this year is “Love Unites” What does that mean to you and why is that relevant to this collection?

Love comes in different forms and from different people throughout your life. Love always unites and strengthens us.

You're an incredible music artist, which of your songs do you feel most embodies the feeling of Pride?

I don't think I can score a single one. My entire discography expresses myself, and being on stage is always a celebration.