Brendan O'Carroll to film new Mrs Brown's Boys series this spring

Mrs Brown's Boys is returning to TV credit:Bang Showbiz
Mrs Brown's Boys is returning to TV credit:Bang Showbiz

'Mrs Brown's Boys' is returning to TV for a new four-part series.

The hit sitcom has been a fixture of the Christmas TV schedules for over a decade but the upcoming episodes will mark the first new series since 2013, though creator Brenan O'Carroll - who also leads the cast as matriarch Agnes Brown - admitted the show has been "thwarted twice" due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it was originally scheduled to hit screens in 2021.

Speaking of the new series, which will be filmed in spring ahead of broadcast later this year, the 67-year-old comic said: “This mini-series was actually planned for 2021. Having been thwarted twice, firstly by Covid-19 and then by a post-Covid shortage of studios, it’s fantastic to, at last, have the chance to make it happen. Fasten your seatbelts and hold on to your hats!”

BBC bosses are delighted to have the show back.

Josh Cole, head of comedy at BBC Studios, and Steven Canny, executive producer, said: “There’s no one quite like Mrs Brown. An absolute force of outrageous wit and slapstick that has audiences hooked and belly laughing. It’s great to be back.”

Jon Petrie, director of comedy, added: “BBC Comedy are pleased to announce that after a decade since the last full series of Mrs Brown’s Boys, millions of viewers around the UK will be thrilled to hear that Brendan is bringing Agnes and the family back together for a brand-new mini-series of his award-winning show.”

Brendan previously revealed he would love to get U2 on the show, even though he isn't a fan of celebrity cameos.

He said: "Normally we would never have famous people as guest stars on 'Mrs. Brown's Boys'. It's not something we do.

"But the one thing I would love to do is have Bono and U2 on. I would get them to play Foley's at the end of the episode."

Brendan admitted he has the dream plot all figured out.

He said: "I'd have Agnes go up to them on the stage just as they start playing one of their hits and go, 'I don't want to hear any of that s***'.

"And then she gets them to play crooner songs. That's my one wish so let's see if that ever works out."