Brendan Rodgers 'satisfied' at proving Celtic doubters wrong as triumphant boss declares 'I'm not made of wood'

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers
Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers -Credit:SNS Group

Brendan Rodgers says it's 'satisfying' proving his Celtic doubters wrong - admitting 'I'm not made of wood.'

The Irishman has had his skeptics since his return to the club last summer and some of their early form did little to win over the fans who hadn't forgiven him for how he left in 2019. But the bridge has been well and truly mended by a Premiership title win at Kilmarnock on Wednesday that had fans singing his name again.

It's been a season of challenges but the Hoops will lift the trophy on Sunday and have already accrued the most points they have over a season since Rodgers' first, the Invincible Treble campaign. Rodgers admits he's heard the critics loud and clear - and it's been satisfying to prove them wrong.

He said" "I'm not made of wood. We all have feelings. We're all built in different ways, I feel I can deal with pressure and those situations. But it still doesn't make you immune to everything. What experience has given me is not to become too emotional with words.

"I can trace back to August, when the headlines were that I was under massive pressure. That was in August and it's continued right the way through. I had to show mental strength like the team has had to do and eventually, the work that we did came through in the end. It's been a challenging season in ways that I didn't think it was going to be.

"A little bit awkward and a little bit of feeling (from the fans) when I came back, which I totally get. It's satisfying, is what you would say. I'm satisfied in the work we've been able to do. It's surprising a little that so many people didn't see what was happening around the team, knowing how my teams operate and how they play, how they attack. It's not full-out attack.

"I tend to think of my teams like a top boxer. A top boxer isn't throwing punches all the time, he needs to put his guard up now and again. My teams are reflective of that. They attack, they're aggressive, they score goals, and they defend well.

"Clearly there was a reason and a purpose as to why it wasn't functioning quite the same. It certainly wasn't that I had lost the hunger, or that I was going through the motions, or lost the stomach for the fight. So it's been very satisfying."

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