Brexit buddies? Remainers are less tolerant than Leavers, says YouGov poll

Leavers are more tolerant than Remainers, the poll says (Picture: PA)

Remainers are less likely than Leavers to be friends with people who don’t share their views, a poll has found.

The YouGov survey for The Times newspaper discovered that Leavers are much more tolerant than Remainers.

The results appear to blow a hole through the stereotype that Brexit supporters are the narrow-minded ones in the UK’s great political argument.

The poll found that Remainers are more likely to surround themselves with people who share their view on the EU.

It also revealed that Remainers would be much more upset if a close relative decided to marry a Brexiteer than the other way round.

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One in two Leavers (51%) said most or all of their friends had also voted for Brexit.

Anti-Brexit and pro-Brexit protesters fly flags outside the Houses of Parliament (Picture: PA)

But among Remainers, more than six in ten (62%) said their friends had voted to stay in the European Union.

Leavers said 28% of their work colleagues had voted like them, while the figure for Remainers was much higher at 37%.

Protesters outside the House of Commons (Picture: PA)

And when it came to a potential Brexit wedding, Remainers seemed even more insular.

More than one in ten (11%) said they would mind a lot if a close relative married a Leaver, while more than one in four (26%) said they would mind a little.

Leavers appeared to be a lot more tolerant, with only 2% saying they would mind a lot if a relation wed a Remainer, and just 7% said they would mind a little.

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