Year in review: Brexit and Trump dominate Yahoo! UK's most searched terms of 2019

An online multiplayer platform game has proved more popular than former prime minister Theresa May when it comes to the biggest internet search terms of the year.

Roblox, which has more than 100 million active monthly users, grew from strength to strength in 2019, while Mrs May was forced to stand down as leader of the country after failing to secure backing for her Brexit deal.

Not surprisingly, it is Brexit itself which tops the most popular search terms of the year on Yahoo! UK.

The topic has replaced the weather as Britain’s favourite topic, even if discussing it means falling out with friends and family, and it’s also what people have been searching for most online.


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The most popular person on the list is US president Donald Trump, who is only beaten into second place overall by Brexit.

From his state visit to the UK in June to other world leaders joking about him behind his back, online readers couldn’t get enough of searching for Mr Trump.

Sport featured heavily in the 2019 search list, with both the cricket and rugby world cups making it into the top ten, while the Ashes was a bit further down the chart at number 19.

The nation still loves to be entertained in front of the TV, if its searches are anything to go by, with Emmerdale, Strictly and Love Island all in the top 20.