Year in review: Brexit and Trump dominate Yahoo! UK's most searched terms of 2019

Year in review: Most searched overall terms on Yahoo! UK (Click for slideshow)
Year in review: Most searched overall terms on Yahoo! UK (Click for slideshow) (Yahoo News UK)
20: Nigel Farage
Try as they might - and many did - there was no keeping Nigel Farage out of the news in 2019. He led the newly formed Brexit Party to European elections success, only to see its poll ratings plummet in the winter ahead of the general election (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
19: The Ashes
The summer felt it would go on forever as England and Australia drew the Ashes series 2-2, meaning the Aussies kept the urn. In the first drawn series since 1972, Australia's Steve Smith was the undoubted star (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
18: Emiliano Sala
Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala was killed when the light aircraft plane taking him from France to his new club, Cardiff City, crashed over the Channel Islands in January. The body of pilot David Ibbotson has not been found (Picture: PA) (PA Archive/PA Images)
17: Emmerdale
Emmerdale was the most searched soap by Yahoo! readers and the ITV show kicked off the year by landing the coveted Best Serial Drama gong at the National Television Awards (Picture: PA) (PA Archive/PA Images)
16: Strictly Come Dancing
The 17th series of Strictly featured former England footballer Alex Scott, BBC Breakfast sports presenter Mike Bushell and TV personality Anneka Rice, and dancer Anton du Beke is still in contention to win his first Glitterball trophy (Picture: PA) (Press Association Images)
15: Jeremy Corbyn
The Labour leader may be disappointed not to feature higher in this list, given his attempt to become the next prime minister. While battling first Theresa May and then Boris Johnson over Brexit, he has had to apologise for anti-Semitism within his own party (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
14: Boeing 737 Max
The Boeing 737 Max series was grounded around the world after two Max 8 planes crashed in October 2018 and March 2019, causing 346 deaths. Boeing wants the aircraft to return to the skies next year [(Picture: PA) (SIPA USA/PA Images)
13: UK Flooding
In November, parts of the north of England were devastated by severe flooding. The village of Fishlake, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was one of the worst places affected, with many residents reluctant to leave their homes despite council warnings. Experts called the flooding a "once-in-60-years" weather event (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
12. Katie Price
Katie Price has been in the news throughout the year, primarily for her court appearances. In January, she was disqualified from driving for three months after breaching the conditions of a previous speeding ban. In February, she was banned from driving for a further three months for being drunk while in charge of a vehicle. In June, she was fined for shouting abuse at her ex-husband's new partner in a school playground. In November, she was declared bankrupt (Picture: PA) (PA Archive/PA Images)
11: Kate Middleton
The Duchess of Cambridge spent much of 2019 campaigning on mental health issues. She designed a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show aimed at promoting mental well-being. Along with her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, she launched a text messaging service for those suffering from mental health issues and voiced a video for Public Health England for its Every Mind Matters programme (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
10: General Election
Britons spent most of 2019 wondering if there was going to be one, then the end of the year getting ready for it. The first December general election for almost 100 years is also one of the most pivotal to the country's future (Picture: PA) (Press Association Images)
9: Love Island
The perfect TV holiday escape from all things Brexit, Love Island enjoyed another ratings win in the summer, capped off by Greg and Amber being crowned King and Queen of the villa (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
8: Theresa May
After failing to get her Brexit deal through Parliament, and amid constant sniping at her from within her own party, Theresa May fell on her sword and resigned as prime minister, saying her decision was in "the best interests of the country" (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
7: Roblox
Online multiplayer game Roblox went from strength to strength this year, reaching $1 billion in revenues since 2016. The platform has more than 100 million active monthly users (Picture: AFP/Getty) (AFP via Getty Images)
6: Cricket World Cup
The summer cricket came home. After a sluggish start, hosts England eventually got motoring in the cricket world cup, and ended up winning the whole thing after beating New Zealand in the most exciting finish to a game of, well, anything ever. What a super Super Over (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
5: Rugby World Cup
England looked like they might go all the way in the rugby world cup too, particularly after they thumped favourites New Zealand in the semi-final. But they were suffocated in the decider by South Africa, in a tournament that saw matches cancelled because of a typhoon in Japan (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
4: Boris Johnson
It's been quite a year for Boris Johnson, who took over as prime minister from Theresa May, then fell foul of the Supreme Court, which ruled his suspension of Parliament was unlawful. After losing his working majority in the House of Commons and sacking a number of Tory MPs, he pushed for an inevitable general election. He even found time to do a Brexit deal with the EU (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
3: Meghan Markle
The Duchess of Sussex gave birth to Archie in May, then later in the year admitted she had "no idea" of the media scrutiny she would face as part of the royal family. She sued the Mail on Sunday for publishing parts of a letter to her father (Picture: PA) (PA Wire/PA Images)
2: Donald Trump
The US president was hosted at Buckingham Palace twice this year, first during a state visit in June, and then in December for a Nato reception. He lent his backing to Boris Johnson but was accused of trying to buy the NHS, all while fighting Democrat attempts to impeach him back in Washington (Picture: PA) (SIPA USA/PA Images)
1: Brexit
The nation's favourite online search term is, of course, Brexit. What would Britons talk or write about without it? After all the promises and all the deadlines, all attempts to make Brexit actually happen in 2019 ended in failure. Will 2020 be any different? (Picture: PA) (SIPA USA/PA Images)

An online multiplayer platform game has proved more popular than former prime minister Theresa May when it comes to the biggest internet search terms of the year.

Roblox, which has more than 100 million active monthly users, grew from strength to strength in 2019, while Mrs May was forced to stand down as leader of the country after failing to secure backing for her Brexit deal.

Not surprisingly, it is Brexit itself which tops the most popular search terms of the year on Yahoo! UK.

The topic has replaced the weather as Britain’s favourite topic, even if discussing it means falling out with friends and family, and it’s also what people have been searching for most online.


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The most popular person on the list is US president Donald Trump, who is only beaten into second place overall by Brexit.

From his state visit to the UK in June to other world leaders joking about him behind his back, online readers couldn’t get enough of searching for Mr Trump.

Sport featured heavily in the 2019 search list, with both the cricket and rugby world cups making it into the top ten, while the Ashes was a bit further down the chart at number 19.

The nation still loves to be entertained in front of the TV, if its searches are anything to go by, with Emmerdale, Strictly and Love Island all in the top 20.