Brexit, weakness and antisemitism: This is why voters are turning against Jeremy Corbyn's Labour

Theo Bertram, former advisor to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, said Brexit and antisemitism are causing people to turn away from Labour and Jeremy Corbyn (Picture: REUTERS/Peter Nicholls)

Jeremy Corbyn’s attitude to Brexit and his failure to deal with antisemitism in the party are both turning people against Labour, research has suggested.

Theo Bertram, a former advisor to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, pointed to poll figures by YouGov to show how Labour needs to improve if it is to gain support.

As part of a series of tweets, Mr Bertram shared results of YouGov poll that asked people who used to have a favourable view of Jeremy Corbyn but no longer did what had made them change their mind.

Reasons included several areas relating to Brexit, as well as antisemitism, links to terrorist organisations and other criticisms of Mr Corbyn’s character.

Mr Bertram wrote: “The failure to tackle anti-Semitism is costing Labour more votes than its failure to back a People’s Vote.

“Among those who voted Labour in 2017 but do not back it now, more mention anti-Semitism than the People’s Vote.”

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His comments follow YouGov research that showed that Mr Corbyn’s favourability rating has slumped, with Brexit is a big key reason.

YouGov said its most recent survey found the Labour leader’s favourability fell to 22%, to a new all-time low net score of -45.


It said that when asked by why they no longer support Mr Corbyn, nearly half (43%) said Brexit in some way.

Antisemitism within the Labour party had prompted 8% of respondents to change their view of the Labour leader, YouGov found.

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