Brian Cox reveals his fame has come at a price

Brian Cox has revealed his success has been a “double-edged sword” because it’s cost him his privacy.

The actor has enjoyed a lengthy career, most notably a star role in the award-winning TV show Succession.

While Brian is proud of all he has achieved, he has admitted that being a household name has come at a price.

"One thing I have lost is my anonymity, which I prized," he told BBC Scotland News.

"It is a double-edged sword. The success, I am not going to knock it, but at the same time everybody knows who I am now.

"People would say you're...? I loved the fact people didn't know what to say because I had done so much variation. But now Logan Roy is it, as far as the general public is concerned."

Brian has won a series of awards for his portrayal of media mogul Logan Roy and has fond memories of playing the ruthless character.

Although the show has now come to an end, the 77-year-old star still keeps in touch with his former castmates.

Brian even flew in to see Sarah Snook star in a London theatre production of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

"It was a great time, one of the best jobs, ever - no question - particularly because of the ensemble. It was a great cast to work with,” Brian shared.

"We are close as a family and it was one of the happiest jobs ever."