Brian Wilson Q&A on Pet Sounds, new music and whether fans should expect to hear the Bedroom Tapes anytime soon


We caught up with Beach Boy Brian Wilson to see what he's been working on, and how he's feeling ahead of the final dates of his acclaimed Pet Sounds tour.

Set to play Kendal Calling and Camp Bestival - Wilson will also drop into the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool, London's Eventim Apollo on 1 August and Sheffield City Hall on 2 August, after phenomenal demand from fans.

As you can see below, he was in a chatty mood.

Indy: Apparently you're recording some new music - can you tell us anything about what you’re going to be up to? Is this the rock ’n’ roll album you were talking about last year?

Brian: Yes. Maybe later this year I will start to work on the rock ‘n’ roll album.

Indy: Was the reaction to your latest book [I Am Brian Wilson] what you were expecting? And is there anything you wish you had or hadn’t included?

Brian: Yes I was very happy with the reaction. I think we did a good job of covering it all in the book.

Indy: Are you listening to any new/recent artists?

Brian: No, I like to listen to Oldies but goodies

Indy: Your show at Liverpool is one of the last chances for fans to see Pet Sounds performed live - what’s it been like touring that album again?

Brian: It's been very positive. I like to make people feel good.

Indy: Do you have a favourite song to perform live?

Brian: I really like to perform ‘God Only Knows.’

Indy: Do you have a routine before you go onstage?

Brian: I like to rest and meditate before going on stage

Indy: You’ve been portrayed in several different biopics - is there a particular performance by an actor you think got things particularly ‘right’?

Brian: I think Cusack and Paul Dano did a great job in Love & Mercy

Indy: Have you seen any new films recently - what’s been your favourite?

Brian: I have not seen any recent films, aside from Love & Mercy


Indy: Fans are still clamouring to know about the ‘Bedroom Tapes’ - should they expect anything this year?

Brian: Nothing this year

Indy: Did you find yourself reflecting on any one thing in particular during the 50th anniversary of Pet Sounds last year?

Brian: I really enjoyed the reaction of the crowds in every city.

Indy: Asides from recording and performances, what else do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2017?

Brian: I want to hang out and enjoy life.

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