Bride Who Enforced Strict No Phone Rule at Wedding Is Furious Guest Answered Emergency Call

A wedding guest says she received 70 calls from her sister before she finally realized she had to break the rule and answer

<p>Getty (2)</p> Ambulance (left), wedding ceremony

Getty (2)

Ambulance (left), wedding ceremony

A wedding guest is asking the internet if she should feel bad for answering an emergency call during her best friend's "unplugged" wedding.

In a post shared to Reddit, the guest said the incident happened at the wedding of her childhood best friend, who asked that guests not use their phones at all during her ceremony.

Writing that she "totally" respected the rule — adding that she would even consider an unplugged ceremony for her own big day — the guest said the situation changed during the reception.

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"When the reception began, my sister called me," the guest wrote on Reddit. "I didn’t answer, but was confused why she was calling me because I told my family to not contact me since it was no phones."

She continued, "She blew my phone up, sending me around 70 calls. It got to the point where I had to answer."

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Stock image of a wedding table setting

The guest added that the bride "is usually understanding so I thought she would be okay with this."

When the guest answered she was told her mom had been in an accident and suffered a concussion. Given the family emergency, she said she began looking for her friend to tell her that she had to leave early, at which point she discovered someone had already told the bride she had taken a call.

"I went to go find my best friend to tell her I had to leave and she yelled at me for being on my phone," the guest wrote.

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She continued, "I explained the situation to her and she told me that wasn’t a excuse and I could have waited till after the wedding. I left immediately, not only because of her stupidity, but because I also had to go to the hospital."

Even after the guest left the wedding, she continued to hear from the bride, who "texted me and cussed me out telling me that it wasn’t that hard to not be on my phone."

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Stock image of a wedding

"A few of our friends and her husband also called me names," she added

The guest said she "can’t help but feel bad," while also writing that the situation isn't worth losing a life-long friendship over. "She was like a sister to me," she concluded her post.

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Commenters have weighed in on the situation, largely siding with the wedding guest for picking up the emergency phone call.

"Your mom was in an accident — you went to the hospital. Your friend is not the center of the universe. And you didn't disrupt her wedding from what you describe," one person wrote, adding that the guest might be wise to "downgrade" the friendship as the bride "lacks empathy and is self-involved."

Another was more straightforward, writing, "It's a wedding reception, not the King's coronation."

Still others were decidedly more blunt. "Her behavior was over the top and selfish," a commenter added. "The fact that she’s not only doubled down on that behavior, but also has sent her flying monkeys after you to harass you and call you names says everything about what kind of friend she truly is."

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