Bride professes her love for her new husband on their big day - by RAPPING her vows to him

A bride professed her love for her new husband on their big day - by RAPPING her vows to him. Ashleigh Lawrence, 34 - who is a huge Dr Dre fan - wanted to do something unique to make her wedding day on March 31 this year memorable. So the presenter and reality star decided to rap her vows along to one of her all-time favourite songs - Forgot About Dre. Luckily, the unique vows were a hit with her new husband Brock Davis, 34, an electrician, and their guests all "loved it" too. Ashleigh, from Miami, on the Gold Coast, Australia, said: "I always love making up little songs to sing to Brock, so I thought it would be a fun way to make him smile. "I wanted a memorable thing to do on our wedding day and I wrote it all myself." Ashleigh revealed she put the song on repeat - saying lyrics over the top of it until eventually a rap formed. On the big day, she admitted being "extremely nervous" in case she messed up the words. But her bigger worry was whether Brock wouldn't appreciate it - but luckily he did. She said: "Brock told me it was amazing and the best thing he had ever heard. "It was a total surprise for him. He was laughing the whole time and thought it was hilarious. "It actually brought tears to his eyes too because it was very special that I did it for him. "The whole crowd loved it too - although nobody was all that shocked that I did it. "Everyone said they weren't surprised when I did it, and Brock said he realised what was happening as soon as he heard the first beat. "The whole wedding was amazing. It was everything we wanted and hoped for."